Top 10 Health Benefits of Black Tea 2020

benefits of black tea

Health Benefits of Black Tea

Black tea is probably something that is not your first choice or preferable choice. But you have to make sure that you are changing it so that you can be grateful for your health and it will only be able to make yourself happy.

And sometimes if a change is related to a better future and health than you should definitely have it.

One such beneficial and important change is to drink black tea every morning and see your health transform.

Therefore here we bring to you the Health Benefits of Drinking Black Tea Every Morning.

Of course the choice of beverage changes from person to person so it is okay to say that this is a lifestyle change that you would undertake.

There can be many benefits from coffee and regular tea but there are many more on the black tea consumption, not only for your health and skin. And obviously your inner health is related to exterior beauty too.

10 Health Benefits of Black Tea

Boosts Immunity

Health Benefits of Black Tea

The morning drink you have should also be focused on building your immunity and having your health well.

For that the black tea is really beneficial and rich in antioxidants that help to get rid of the free oxygen radicals.

The radicals harm your normal cell functioning if they are not removed. It can also lead to inflammation as well as put up stress on you.

But the black tea will help you to flush out all those radicals and hence boost your immunity. It is thus one of the Health Benefits of Drinking Black Tea Every Morning.

Helps Weight Loss

Among many diseases occurring nowadays, the main reason or cause after it is the obesity of yours.

However some of the lifestyle changes and the intake of black tea is all you need to get back at your health and be fit.

benefits of black tea

Even the black tea helps you to reduce the visceral fat just by reducing the inflammation inducing genes.

And the black tea helps you to get rid of that inflammation-induced obesity and therefore it is safe to say that the black tea efficiently helps you to lose weight.

keto diet for weight loss

Builds Heart Health

Health Benefits of Black Tea

Heart is the very important part of our body as it does all the work that our body needs to in order to stay alive and perform.

And therefore it is everybody’s responsibility to take care of their heart health and see that it is far away from health complications.

This is why you need to take black tea as it can help you to improve your heart health because of the flavones present in black tea.

Doctors thereby confirm to have 3 cups daily in order to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Junk food and unhealthy habits can give you serious risk of health and one of them is the cholesterol levels.

High levels of cholesterol limits the blood flow which can results in heart attack, stroke, ischemic attack and much more.

Therefore it was through a study that we found that the black tea is able to reduce 11.1% of such cholesterol levels.

In fact the Chinese black tea have anti-hypercholesterolemic effect in humans who are either obese and or vial to heart disease. It is thus one of the Health Benefits of Drinking Black Tea Every Morning.

Improves Bone Health

Health Benefits of Drinking Black Tea Every Morning

Your bone health depends on your age and your longevity. That means that the more you age the more your bones decline.

But the consumption of black tea can actually help you to restore the bone density of yours through producing calcium.

Mainly for this reason only, there can be less of a risk for fractures and oesteoporosis. So if you are anywhere near the age of 30 you should make black tea your first lifestyle change,

And start drinking it every morning to prevent your bone density as well as preventing chances of fracture of future.

Lowers Ovarian Cancer Risk

Cancer is one of the most fatal diseases that claim millions of lives every year. However you will be surprise to learn that one of the benefits of black tea is that it can easily help you to lower the risk of ovarian cancer.

The catechin present in the green tea is similar to the theaflavins of the black tea. Both of these components can help you for a 30% decline for the risk of getting ovarian cancer.

But it was found only in the patients who drank more than 2 cups of black tea per day. It is thus one of the Health Benefits of Drinking Black Tea Every Morning.

Reduces Parkinson’s Risk

Health Benefits of Black Tea

Among the brain related or mental health related problems, one of them is the Parkinson’s.

It is a neurodegenerative disease that affects specially the older people. But because of the unhealthy lifestyle even the younger generation is getting affected by it on a large scale.

However the researcher suggests that the tea contains the polyphenols have a neuroprotective effects on your brain.

This helps them to find out that the consumption of the black tea is directly related to the brain health and diminishing the risk of Parkinson’s altogether. It is thus one of the Health Benefits of Drinking Black Tea Every Morning.

Relieves Asthma

Asthma can cause many problems for you to live a normal and routine life. In fact it is cause by many problems such as inflammation and swelling of the airway and/or the bronchial tubes.

This can make the process of breathing and exhaling really difficult and more tedious. The Chinese who are the founder of the black tea also believes that the tea can help you in relieving asthma.

It is mainly because of the caffeine amount in the tea which helps in proper lung functioning. It is thus one of the Health Benefits of Drinking Black Tea Every Morning.

Relieves Stress

Health Benefits of Black Tea

The stress levels of any person are directly connect to the food and their lifestyle they prefer. And when an individual undergoes stress,

There are many changes affecting their health and mental stage that they can get really depressed.

But a hot cup of black tea can help you to relieve all the stress of the day. Therefore you can have a black tea cup at the end of the day and in the morning to relieve stress hormones from your body and relax your nerves.

You can also take it as a substitute to cigarette or other sugary products in order to relieve your stress. It is thus one of the Health Benefits of Drinking Black Tea Every Morning.

Prevents Skin Infections

The consumption of black tea promotes the hydration in your body and also helps you to get rid of all the free radicals from your body.

This in turn helps you most to get rid of the pimples as well as blemishes and other wrinkles too. It also prevents premature ageing as well as skin loosening because of the other problems.

Not only that, but even other skin infections can also be prevent. The black tea can also help you to stimulate the hair growth and have voluminous hair naturally.

So the consumption of black tea and its benefits were not only limit to health benefits but can also benefit your hair as well as skin. It is thus one of the Health Benefits of Drinking Black Tea Every Morning.

Therefore these were the Health Benefits of Drinking Black Tea Every Morning, which is very beneficial.

Try to make this one small change in your lifestyle to help your health improve and get much better.

You wouldn’t know the importance of these things until you reach the age where everything matters to live the most.

benefits of black tea


What Does Black Tea Do to Your Body?

It Boosts Immunity and Help in Weight Loss

Which is The Best Black Tea Available in The Market?

They are Many Best Black Tea Brands Available in the Market ,But most popular and Best Black tea Brands are Lipton & The Republic of Tea.

10 Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care and Hair Care 2020

skin care

Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care and Hair Care

We cannot resist the smell of coffee when it is freshly brewed and waiting for us in a pretty mug.

However not only do we kick start our day with it, but we keep the essence of a good mug of coffee for the entire day too.

skin care

But you will be surprise to know that coffee actually has many more benefits externally than just consuming it.

Therefore we bring to you the Surprising Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care and Hair Care.

Not only are they surprising but they are also awesome and incredible benefits are guaranteed as a form of result.

We all need to focus on our skin once in a while to exfoliate and also detoxify your skin. Even if you have a good clear skin it can be pretty tough sometimes to maintain it.

But here we are bringing to you in detail, some amazing ways to use coffee in your skincare routine. Not only skin, but here are benefits of coffee for skin and hair.

10 Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care and Hair Care

Face Mask

It is important to focus on our skin or face at least once a week to nourish and moisturize it.

Everyday moisturizer and other products do only half of your work. So when you do the skincare regimen any day, use coffee as a means of making face mask.

All you need is some crushed powder of coffee and some water. Just wet the coffee use water and then use your fingertips to apply the coffee all over your face as a face mask.

You can also add some cocoa powder, yogurt and honey all in moderate amounts and mix the paste well.

skin care

Once done, apply it and leave it there for around 15 minutes and wash it all off. It is therefore one of the Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care.

Brightens Your Skin

Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care and Hair Care

When you will use the face mask using coffee, you will be able to see many benefits and ways that coffee benefits you.

One of them will be glowing, bright and lighter skin. You can do this on alternate mornings by adding one tablespoon of coffee powder with 2 tablespoon of plain yogurt.

Apply this mixture on a washed face and leave it there for 15 minutes. After that wash it all off with the help of cold water.

The caffeine is one such component of coffee can help you to stimulate blood circulation that in turn gives you brighter skin and glow.

Exfoliates the Skin

Coffee acts as a great means to exfoliate and scrub your skin in the healthiest way possible.

Naturally as a process your skin forms new cells which make it necessary for one to get rid of all the dead skin cells through scrub to unleash new and fresh skin in no time.

Coffee grounds here are the best way to exfoliate and scrub dry as well as dull skin. All you need to do is mix it up with some coconut oil drops and use it as a scrub.

You can use this paste on your face, legs, and hands and also on your feet so that you can have good scrubbing all the way around.

green coffee

This will help you to get rid of all the dead skin and now you are left with much clean and fresh skin.

Reduces Under Eye Bags

Stress, sleep and food are the important factors that determine your skin consistency and its glow.

If you don’t have these in the necessary amounts you can see many changes in your skin along with under eye bags or puffiness under your eyes.

Here too coffee comes to the rescue as it can help you to eliminate that too with proper use.

To use coffee for under eye bags just by applying some coffee powder under your eyes. Apply them and keep it for around 20 minutes and wash it off with cold water. The magic happens now, when you are left with even skin under your eyes!

Minimizes Cellulite

Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care and Hair Care

We all have some unnecessary baggage that we all carry in our bottom part of the body, mainly thighs and buttocks.

No matter how many tricks you try and how much weight loss you get, that deposits are dang hard to get rid of.

skin care

But you can easily and effectively the cellulite (deposits) by using the coffee grounds powder scrub.

You just have to use it on that particular part of your body and see how the cellulite takes no time to disappear. It is hence of the Surprising Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care.

Scrub Away the Dead Cells

You can use coffee easily to scrub your skin. As discussed earlier the dead skin cells are hidden under the new cells which are necessary for your skin to glow.

For that reason you need to scrub the dead skin away from the top of it. Homemade coffee scrub are really effective as they exfoliate your skin in turn prevents over drying your skin.

All you need is ½ cup coffee, ½ cup brown sugar and some olive oil. Apply this homemade scrub paste on your skin and get rid of all the dead skin cells and other unwanted cells leaving a fresh glow in your skin.

Improves Blood Circulation

Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care and Hair Care

Coffee massage and usage can also improve the blood circulation in your body. But it can happen so by using it as a way of ice cubes.

It is necessary to make them and store them beforehand so that you can have them any time you like.

Just use an ice tray and mix some water and coffee powder and let it freeze and use them whenever you like directly on your skin in a circular motion and get rid of all the tension.

You will also see nice glow and redness which is because of hydration it causes. It is therefore one of the Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care

Prevents Premature Aging

It is important to have nice, wrinkle free and tight skin order to look and feel good. However without you even noticing the stress and sleepless nights might be taking away all that things from you.

It will result into skin ageing in some time. So to prevent premature aging of your skin, you should make sure to have all the skin glow and youth that you want to retain.

Use coffee face mask mention above and get such benefits. It is therefore one of the Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care.

Exfoliate the Scalp

Along with your skin it is also important to take care of your hair and scalp for an even and flourished look. You wouldn’t want to limit the use of coffee only till skincare.

So you can also use coffee for your hair care routine by applying 1/3rd of ground coffee into your wet scalp.

Then massage the application for around 1 minute and then wash and rinse it off. Wash your hair nicely thereafter with shampoo and conditioner. This is one of the great Surprising Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care and Hair Care.

Darken your Hair

Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care and Hair Care

If you have chestnut brown hair you can easily darken it by using some coffee. Even if you have colored your hair a dark brown of coffee honey color, than the use of coffee in it will really help you to maintain your hair color for a very long time.

Make one cup of very strong coffee and let it cool down. Once done, pour it over your head and wrap your hair up in a shower cap.

This will help you to get all the benefits of coffee and later just rinse it off with some cool water.

But you should not at all use this method if you have lighter hair. It is hence one of the Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care and Hair Care.

Here were some really surprising but strongly effective Ways to Use Coffee for Skin Care and Hair Care.

You may not believe the benefits in one go, but it will occur soon. After that you will be forced to stock double coffee – one for the mornings and the other for flawless skin and shiny hair!

Weight Loss Motivation 2020

weight loss

How to Get Weight Loss Motivation?

You will find many and many articles written on weight loss and its diet as well as exercises.

But a lazy person such as me might always need motivation or a little push everytime to get your butt off the couch.

keto diet

This is not easy seeing that we are sitting and browsing through internet for weight loss. But who are we kidding?

Nothing can be achieved just by browsing and wishing. So there is one thing that comes before diets and exercises which is a push.

Therefore we bring to you an article on How to Get Weight Loss Motivation as well as Ways to Get Weight Loss Motivation.

In this article, just because we care so much, we are bringing to you not one but Five Ways to Get Weight Loss Motivation.

So try to just sit up to read it till the end and maybe you will be forced to stand and do something afterall.

This is not compulsory but an advice if you want to achieve a fitter body and see a better person of yourself.

Ways to Get Weight Loss Motivation:

Cultivate Your Mind;

How to Get Weight Loss Motivation, Ways to Get Weight Loss Motivation
How to Get Weight Loss Motivation, Ways to Get Weight Loss Motivation care info

The very first step to Get Weight Loss Motivation is to cultivate your mind into a determined thinking.

The determined thinking means that you are forcing your mind itself to push your body.

You may know this but unconsciously all your doings are what your mind tells you to do.

keto diet for weight loss

So you need to cultivate a habit and force your mind to think about all the benefits that weight loss will bring.

Some may argue that there are no benefits as you don’t become more beautiful and all. But atleast that is final that you will be your better self.

So the first and foremost step in this five-tier operation is to Cultivate Your Mind into determined thinking.

Enjoy Your Food;

How to Get Weight Loss Motivation, Ways to Get Weight Loss Motivation
How to Get Weight Loss Motivation, Ways to Get Weight Loss Motivation

This is probably the first practical step among Ways to Get Weight Loss Motivation and you will be scrunching up your nose.

In fact this is the mental preparation which many weight loss aspirants ignore and end up their diet. It is a well known fact that you cannot eat sugar or fat.

Keep in mind that there are many foods without the fat which in turn provides your body with proteins rather than cellulite.

So why not eat and enjoy those foods atleast. When you come through this phase after cultivating your mind you need to train your mind and body to enjoy the fat-free food that you eat.

If you don’t do that, there is no other option to this step. So always try to motivate yourself in enjoying whatever food you are supposed to eat and learn its benefits. This will prove to be great benefactor for your fit body.

Take Pleasure in Your Work-Out;

Weight Loss
How to Get Weight Loss Motivation, Ways to Get Weight Loss Motivation care info

The third Ways to Get Weight Loss Motivation is to take pleasure in your exercises. When you are going through a certain weight loss routine,

You are bound to pass through a time where you feel that you don’t want to exercise anymore.

Sometimes when you have leg workout day you hate the day and also the burning in your muscles later on. And not to mention the fact, that you are unable to walk for several days.

The reason is simple, ‘no pain, and no gain.’ The people tend to forget this many a times and in return hates their exercise session.

But to get motivated in doing exercise you need to keep in mind the future image you want to gain.

And also the things you will be able to do such as wearing your favourite dress with confidence.

This will surely push you and you will be able to achieve the goal and also have pleasure in exercising.

If you wish you can also work out while listening to some of your favourite beats.

Motivate Your Body;

How to Get Weight Loss Motivation, Ways to Get Weight Loss Motivation
How to Get Weight Loss Motivation, Ways to Get Weight Loss Motivation

You don’t need to worry about this fourth point if you have enjoyed all the above steps. But if you are lacking behind in that, well here is another Ways to Get Weight Loss Motivation.

There will be time to push your body from its lazy stupor. That time think about what you are missing.

Think about the people who are dying or lying helpless because of obesity. It’s not selfish, but it’s cruel motivation.

When you exercise and eat well your metabolism as well as your stamina improves. That should also help you to take baby steps in going for a run or a walk.

When you go for it, you will feel the difference and activeness that will surface from within. So for the sake of that, GET UP!!

Enjoy the Lifestyle;

How to Get Weight Loss Motivation, Ways to Get Weight Loss Motivation
How to Get Weight Loss Motivation, Ways to Get Weight Loss Motivation care info

The last but most important focus of yours among all the Ways to Get Weight Loss Motivation is to concentrate on loving your lifestyle.

Don’t ever feel pressurized in doing what you’re doing. Because honestly no one will tell you that you need to get up.

No one likes to see you about and well. At some point even your friends will stop telling you because no one cares for you enough as much as you do yourself.

So enjoy the healthy lifestyle and fitter food that you are eating than most of the population.

Think about the achievements and progress you are making with that type of fitness.

So the last Ways to Get Weight Loss Motivation is to love your lifestyle that you are adopting.

Keep this tip for the rest if your life and you will be in shape and love with yourself. Remember what you have that others don’t and what you are doing is simply great.

Never rail your train out of the way and you will be as fit as someone who is your ideal. Even better, be your own ideal.

Amazing Benefits of Lemon Ginger Tea 2020

ginger tea

Amazing Benefits of Lemon Ginger Tea

There are many benefits to drink Lemon Ginger Tea, because of this many people are drinking to boost the immune system, increase health, reduce fever, regulate blood sugar, increase in hair health and also to protect the skin.

keto diet

Here we are going to provide you the information about Amazing Benefits of Lemon Ginger Tea. Let’s know how to make it below here are the tips to make Lemon Ginger Tea.

How to Make Lemon Ginger Tea

Amazing Benefits of Lemon Ginger Tea
Take a slice of ginger root and add in the water in any vessel for 15-20 minutes. You have to allow water to be boiling first and then turn to the down simmer.

After that, you can allow half lemon juice and mixture the blend again for 15-20 minutes at low flame. You can add honey if you want then, but the taste of lemon and ginger mixture is also flavourful.

9 Amazing Benefits of Lemon Ginger Tea

Treats Nausea

Amazing Benefits of Lemon Ginger Tea

The ingredient zingiber which is containing by the ginger is very powerful and also able to get rid of pathogens bacteria.

This bacteria attack directly to the stomach and due to this it conciliation digestive function. To soothe nausea and also to eliminate vomiting ginger is one of the best things to have.

It also promotes the nutrient absorption and effective digestion. And on the other hand, Lemon is used to reduce heartburn and also indigestion. This means it is one of the best and Amazing Benefits of Lemon Ginger Tea.

Improves Cognitive Function

Amazing Benefits of Lemon Ginger Tea

To increase energy and cognitive function, Lemon and ginger are very important and along with this, they can improve your concentration.

This both ingredients are very useful to improve mood and also to soothe nerves. It is proved by this result that Lemon Ginger tea can help you decrease stress and also can lower the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Skin Care

Amazing Benefits of Lemon Ginger Tea
It is very useful to improve your skin because Lemon Ginger tea contains the high vitamin. By drinking this tea or applying the tropically of this tea will help you to reduce the patches of skin.

Because of Antioxidants, it helps oxidative to be reduced in the skin and also allow to grow for the new cells.

To protect your skin from infection Lemon Ginger tea antiviral and antibacterial are very useful. This means it is one of the best and Amazing Benefits of Lemon Ginger Tea.

Weight Loss

Amazing Benefits of Lemon Ginger Tea

Ginger is very useful to rouse our metabolism and help us to feel our hunger.

So those who are trying for weight loss they can have Lemon Ginger Tea in every morning to lose their weight.

This also feels you active in your body and also you can notice weight loss in your body.

Hair Care

Amazing Benefits of Lemon Ginger Tea
Many people are using Lemon and Ginger for the treatment of their hair from many years.

keto diet for weight loss

But you are drinking Lemon Ginger Tea you will have extra vitamin A and Vitamin C, they are very useful for the growth of hair, dandruff and also reduce dry skin.

By drinking this tea you can see that this boost your appearance and strength, and give you a luscious look which you want ever. This means it is one of the best and Amazing Benefits of Lemon Ginger Tea.

Boosts Immunity

Amazing Benefits of Lemon Ginger Tea
The best thing for our immune system aids is Lemon and Ginger, so this means a lot for us that Lemon Ginger Tea can protect us from illness and pathogens.

Lemon Ginger Tea is also useful when you are suffering from Flu or the cold. To improve quickly your symptoms and to reduce annoyance from your respiratory area, drink 1 or 2 cups of Lemon Ginger Tea each day.

Controls Diabetes

Amazing Benefits of Lemon Ginger Tea
People those who are affect from Diabetes have to take so much attention for their body.

Ginger is also very useful when it’s come for the controlling of diabetes. Take ginger every day to reduce bouts of insulin and also blood sugar levels.

To protect yourself from dangerous drops and high, you should drink Lemon Ginger Tea. This means it is one of the best and Amazing Benefits of Lemon Ginger Tea.

Relieves Pain

Amazing Benefits of Lemon Ginger Tea
Ginger is not only to reduces inflammation, swelling and irritation in the body, but it is also very useful too when anybody is suffering from the pains and aches,

ginder tea

Menstrual cramps or recovering from any surgery/illness. Lemon Ginger Tea is very useful to improve and cure this all things.

Best Post Workout Supplement For Big Muscle 2020

workout supplements

Best Post Workout Supplement

Nowadays, supplements or food supplements for sport and fitness are omnipresent and you almost get the impression that you could not achieve success without them.

Protein, creatine, BCAA, glutamine, dextrose, maltodextrin, fish oil, weight gainers, test boosters and fat burners are just some of the endless list.

Do you become an animal through supplements alone?

Of course not! As the name suggests, they serve as additional support and are not a substitute for a healthy and balanced lifestyle, healthy diet and optimal training.

Do you think fitness model world champion Obi Obadike only ate protein powder all day?

Of course not. He has to eat a healthy and balanced diet and can proudly claim to be steroid-free ;) As you can see, it is quite possible to achieve great goals with iron discipline and a lot of ambition, even without substance.

How do you think the Romans and Greeks (the first bodybuilders) shaped their bodies?

Certainly they had no protein powder, weight gainers or even anabolic steroids, at most various plants.

best selling body mass

Every reasonable person knows that there were no supplements back then . A steely body was “only” achieved through training and nutrition, as can easily be seen in film 300.

I do not want to question the effect of the supplements here , although some certainly advertise themselves with questionable claims, but rather clear up the misunderstandings.

Protein powder, for example, shouldn’t be a substitute for a decent piece of meat, but powder also has its place. 

It certainly makes sense to treat yourself to a protein shake after training, as this can be absorbed and used very quickly by the body and, for advanced users, maybe in the morning after getting up or before going to bed (casein). 

Of course, it can sometimes be quite difficult to get the required amount of protein in a firm form, especially if you should consume 200 g and more daily.

Dextrose and maltodextrin can also be very helpful as a post-workout shake to boost insulin levels and replenish glycogen stores as quickly as possible. 

However, it should also be noted here that the remaining meals are preferably eaten with potatoes, oat flakes, whole wheat pasta, whole rice, etc., as a constantly increased insulin level can lead to diabetes, among other things.

best muscular guy

On fish oil should not be used under any circumstances, because it contains omega-3, DHA and EPD and has a positive effect on health (including entzündungshemmernd and vasodilating).

Do you see what i mean

Supplements can be very helpful, but by no means replace your eating plan. Supplements are of no use at all without optimal training and proper nutrition! If training and diet are coordinated, supplements can account for around 10-15% of success.

Do you want to put your hard earned money into 15% of success? Is it worth it when you consider that supplements are n’t exactly cheap?

For an amateur athlete, it makes rather not make sense, who wants to go and however serious and full of energy to the cause of achieving big goals,

Such as build 20 kg muscle mass or reduce 20 kg fat, it should cover all cases superior to the one or other supplement in to include its range.

This does not mean having to buy every powder available on the market, but rather to find out what is useful and not harmful to health. 

Perhaps, once in a while, question a product critically, study the ingredients and their effects. 

Or read testimonials about certain products to find out if it brings something, but that can sometimes be very confusing as it does not work the same for everyone.

Otherwise, I can recommend Supplement Secrets , a manual that guides you through all possible product areas, explains their effects and ingredients exactly and how you can make your own supplements . 

After you have studied this manual, you will be one of the professionals among the supplement connoisseurs and will not be dazzled by any packaging, however beautiful.

I personally take protein powder, BCAA, glutamine, dextrose, maltodextrin, fish oil , ZMA and vitamin C. I take creatine about twice a year as a cure (3 months).

muscular guy

As you can see, I’m sticking to the tried and tested products and doing without the latest designer supplements ,

Some of which can also be dangerous. Strong pre-workout energy boosters can lead to a lack of power, energy and motivation,

For example, if they are consumed regularly for a longer period of time, since the serotonin and dopamine levels can be overstimulated (similar to amphetamines and cocaine).

Ultimately, everyone has to decide for themselves what is good for them or not, and the demands change considerably depending on their sporting goals.

So do yourself a favor and find out about the sports and fitness supplements you are taking or plan to take.

Best Post Workout Supplement

I’m reading a book about Vince Gironda right now. He was an American natural bodybuilder and known among other things as the “Iron Guru”.

Best Post Workout Supplement

As you can see in this picture, it is quite possible to put on a lot of muscles without any anabolic steroids.

Vince and I share the same beliefs about anabolic steroids because we see it as cheating. By taking these additives, the body can recover faster from a hard workout and thus build more muscles faster.

Nowadays it is almost the norm and bodybuilders are all thrown into the same pot, as bodybuilding is shaped and dominated by the huge unaesthetic meatballs.

Best Post Workout Supplement

Do you see the “small” difference between 4-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler and Vince Gironda?

This is precisely why bodybuilding has always been associated with steroids. I’ve seen Jay live before and have a lot of respect for him as a person, but the fact that he pumps additives into himself bothers me.

You could compare it to school, who is more likely to deserve the good grades? The so-called nerds or the cheat sheet terrorists?


The honest and clean path requires a lot more discipline and time, but after reaching your goal you can be quite proud of yourself and your performance.

For me it’s more of a moral question – to be or not to be?

How do you have to feel comfortable when you win with the knowledge that you have gained an “unauthorized” advantage?

This joy cannot last, if one can be happy at all. Or do you want to pat yourself on the shoulder and talk yourself to “well cheated boy”?

And until now we haven’t even considered the possible physical consequences. Apart from damage and diseases of the internal organs, infections and abscesses from inflamed puncture sites, there are also hormonal loads.

By supplying additional external hormones, your own hormone production is reduced to a minimum. 

For this reason, for example, during a testosterone cure, the natural testosterone production in the testicles is minimized,

Which means that the testicles shrink and when you stop after a few years these tiny creatures can no longer produce nearly as much testosterone as before the cure.

It is precisely because of such hormonal horror scenarios that one is doomed to fall into this vicious circle from the start,

Because without anabolic steroids the body will no longer be able to hold the muscle mass and the hormones go crazy and the hormonal balance falls out of balance.

Is it worth the extra pounds on your ribs?

I think it should be clear to everyone by now that these additives bring more bad than good with them.

The Different Muscle Fibers

The percentage of muscle in our body can be between 25% -60%, and higher for anabolic steroids users.

The muscles consist of different types of muscle fibers, which also perform different tasks and are stimulated by other efforts.

The Different Muscle Fibers

A distinction is made between two types: fast muscle fibers (FT = fast-twitch muscle fibers) and slow muscle fibers (ST = slow-twitch muscle fibers) whereby both are always active during training, but one of the two plays the more dominant role.

ST muscle fibers:
Slow twitching muscle fibers are enduring and can cope with low stress over a long period of time. They work aerobically, ie with oxygen and where the red color comes from.


  • low rate of contraction
  • low stress development
  • very high fatigue resistance
  • high mitochondial number
  • high number of enzymes for aerobic carbohydrate and fat metabolism
  • low anaerobic capacity
  • Red color

FT muscle fibers:
Fast-twitch muscle fibers are a lot stronger than the ST fibers and can handle a lot of force over a short period of time. 

For example, FT fibers are trained in weight training with high resistance and low repetitions. They work anaerobically and therefore without oxygen, which is why they are white in color.


  • high contraction speed
  • high tension development
  • low fatigue resistance
  • White color

The average person has a 50 to 50 ratio of the muscle fibers just mentioned. Bodybuilders tend to have more FT than ST fibers, and long-distance runners do the opposite.

Normally, the muscles in our shoulders, calves and abdomen consist mostly of ST fibers. That’s why they recover pretty quickly and can cope with more effort than other muscles.

If you are one of the bodybuilders (anyone who wants to specifically shape their body) and want to build a few layers of muscle here and there so that you can take off your shirt in the summer without getting embarrassed,

I definitely do not recommend the higher repetitions to neglect. Unfortunately, the ST fibers are too often neglected and so the muscle potential is not fully exploited.

So either try to integrate a few higher repetitions (15-20) in the next training session or rotate the repetitions weekly or monthly, e.g. for 2 weeks between 6-12 and 1 week 15-20 repetitions (reps).

To incorporate it into an exercise, for example, you could do 2 sets (sets) of 6-12 reps and the 3rd set of 15-20 reps. 

There is also the advantage that an enormous amount of blood is pumped into the muscle -> the muscle is supplied with nutrients.

And who doesn’t like to see their body inflated when everything looks a little bigger?

In addition, our muscles should be stimulated differently every few weeks, otherwise they will get used to the exertion and will not develop any further.

Anti-Acidic Agent

Our body is constantly producing a wide variety of hormones and each of these hormones is produced for a specific reason, namely to support the effects or regulatory functions of our organs. 

These biochemical messenger substances can be released through stress, fear, diet and sport, for example, to fight for or against a condition in the body.

Have you ever heard that it is not possible to reduce fat in a specific area of ​​the body?

You have probably been told that you cannot lose fat in just one place, fat reduction is a process that occurs evenly throughout the body.

Fortunately, this assumption is wrong!

The problem is that most people don’t know what the cause of the body-specific fat deposits are and therefore can’t offer you a solution.

What are the problem areas?

Hips, buttocks, thighs, stomach, swimming rings and the so-called men’s breasts.

Fortunately, any of these areas can be tackled with targeted training, :) but what hormones are causing these unsightly fat build-ups and how can you fight them?

Problem zone: hips, thighs, buttocks and man’s breasts
causing hormone: estrogen
counter hormone : testosterone

Problem zone:
Hormone causing swimming rings: Insulin
Counter hormone: IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factors)

Problem zone:
hormone causing stomach : cortisol
counter hormone: growth hormone (GH = growth hormone)

So how can you stimulate these hormone releases?

Testosterone: Density Training

What does density mean?

Density contains 2 important factors: Quantity and duration
Quantity / volume stands for the total amount of your training, i.e. how many repetitions (reps) and sets (sets) you have done in a particular workout.
The duration only represents the time used for your workout.

There are 2 methods to increase the density of the training.

Method 1:
Reduce the working time If you do 10 sets x 10 reps of bench press, for example, you will achieve a set of 100 reps in a time of say 40 minutes. 

If you did the same volume in 30 minutes now, you would have done the same job in 25% less time.

Method 2:
Do more work in the same time You could leave the example above at 40 minutes, but do more work in the same time. That would mean instead of 10 sets x 10 reps you do 12/15 sets x 10 reps.

Yes, I know there are other ways to naturally increase testosterone levels, but this one is the most effective at burning fat.

IGF-1: dynamic training

Dynamic training consists of a combination of explosive, compound / compound and hybrid movements.

GH: Lactic Acid

Most of the lactic acid is produced during positive movements, that is, when you are lifting a weight. The concentric movement should therefore last longer than the eccentric (negative) -> slowly lift the weight within 4 seconds and, as soon as it reaches the top, let it come down quickly without a break. By over-acidifying the muscles, your body produces more GH to bring it back into balance and GH is promotes fat burning and muscle growth.

As promised, here is the update on acidification of the body.

You can of course take various precautions to combat an acidic body when you are eating. 

It would be best to eat lots of vegetables and salad with every meal, but this can also have disadvantages, especially when trying to gain muscle mass. 

Not because the vegetables are counterproductive, but because they fill the stomach and you have to struggle to cram the required calories into yourself.

That’s why I take green powder 2 times a day.

What’s this?

Green powder is a mixture of several vegetables and salads. In order not to suffer from a nutritional deficiency (and to counteract acidification)

I also supplement with it, which of course should not be a substitute for a healthy and balanced diet. 

But I have to warn you, because it just tastes awful. It is best to mix it with a lot of fruit juice and not, as I did initially, with water.

Anti-Acidic Agent

Alkaline fruits and fruits

pineappleMirabelle plums
avocadoOlives (green, black)
fresh datesPeaches
blueberriesPure Claws
Honeydew melonsGooseberries
Currants (red, white, black)Star fruits
Cherries (sour, sweet;)Watermelons
Kiwi fruitGrapes (white, red)

Alkaline vegetables and mushrooms

Algae (Nori, Wakame, Hijiki, Chlorella, Spirulina)Navetten (white turnips)
EggplantOkra scots
Oyster mushroompaprika
Celery (celery)Parsnips
cauliflowerParsley root
Beans, greenchanterelle
mushroomRadish (white, black)
chicoryRomanesco (cauliflower)
Chinese cabbageBeetroot
EgerlingRed cabbage
Peas, freshShallots
fennelBlack salsify
spring onionsShiitake
PotatoesSweet potatoes
KohlrabiPointed cabbage (sugar loaf)
Pumpkin speciesTruffle mushroom
LeekWhite cabbage
Swiss chardsavoy
Mu-Err mushroomsOnions

Alkaline salads and herbs

basilLollo Bionda Salad
Batavia saladmarjoram
BorageMelde (Spanish spinach)
NettleLemon balm
Chinese cabbageCloves
Chili peppersparsley
dillPepper (white, red, black, green)
Oak leaf saladpeppermint
Iceberg lettuceAllspice (clove pepper)
EndivePurslane (Postelein)
Lamb’s lettuceRadicchio
Fennel seedsRomaine lettuce
Frize saladrosemary
Garden cressRocket (rocket)
corianderBlack cumin
LettuceCelery leaves
cuminSpinach, young
Caraway seedthyme
Turmeric (turmeric)vanilla
dandelionLemon balm
Lollo Rosso SaladZucchini flowers

Basic sprouts and germs

AmaranthMung beans
BuckwheatRosabi (type of kohlrabi)
Fennel seedsRed clover
arugulaSesame (unpeeled)
milletMustard seeds
Coriander seedsSunflower seeds
cressWheat germ

As you can see, incorporating a few of these foods into your daily diet shouldn’t be that difficult. 

Apart from the acidification, the dietary fibers of these foods also help with digestion and the many minerals, vitamins and trace elements also make the food better absorbed by the body.

The simplest solution to get as much vegetables and fruit in as possible would of course be a juicer, but that’s always a question of cost.

Acidification Of The Body

Today’s way of life and nutrition can easily affect our organism in the form of hyperacidity. Many people suffer from an unbalanced acid-base balance, which is also responsible for various health problems.

What does hyperacidity mean?

The word itself says it all: there are too many acids in the body or too few bases. The correct ratio of these two components is decisive and is determined on the basis of the pH value.

  • the neutral pH is 7
  • an acidic pH is below 7 (0-7)
  • a basic pH value is above 7 (7-14)

How do I find out if I am over-acidic?

Preferably with pH test strips. These are available in all drugstores and pharmacies, including a pH value table. You just have to urinate on the strips and wait 1-2 minutes.

With a balanced acid-base balance, the pH values ​​are 6.5-6.8 in the morning (slightly acidic), around 7 at noon (neutral) and above 7 in the evening (slightly basic).

What are the consequences?

As with most diseases and ailments, these do not occur immediately, but rather develop in a slow process. Older people in particular are affected by the consequences, as, for example, kidney function decreases and the toxins and acids can no longer be excreted as well. The acid or slag collects in the connective tissue, joints and blood vessels.

This creeping process, which lasts for years, can lead to the following symptoms:

  • fatigue
  • exhaustion
  • Lack of drive
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Nevosity
  • Mood swings
  • sleep disorders
  • a headache
  • Nerve pain
  • Muscle aches
  • Joint pain
  • different forms of rheumatism
  • different forms of allergy
  • non-specific inflammation
  • frequent colds
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Tumors
  • and many others.

Of course, one cannot say that these are only consequences of hyperacidity, but they certainly contribute to it.

What are the causes?

As with a motorway, our body can only process or excrete a certain amount of acid, if too much comes at once there is a jam. The connective tissue plays a crucial role here because its molecules act as acid stores. The acid is stored there until the blood or the excretory organs have free capacity again.

If more acid is added to our body than it can excrete, the connective tissue is over-acidified.

So more and more garbage accumulates than can be disposed of. This is also commonly known as slagging.

But where does this garbage come from?

Too little / too much sport, negative stress and an acid-forming diet.

  • too little sport leads to a lack of blood flow and oxygen supply in the tissue
  • too much sport leads to local acidification through lactate (lactic acid)
  • Negative stress affects the hormonal balance and causes an increased release of cortisol
  • Acid-forming foods include meat, eggs, grain and dairy products, coffee, and alcohol

This is why fitness fanatics (including myself) are at risk of overacidification with increased protein consumption.

acidic foods:

  • Meat, meat broth, sausage products, ham
  • Fish and shellfish
  • Milk and milk products (including low-fat), such as quark, yoghurt, kefir and all types of cheese, including from sheep and goat
  • Mustard, vinegar, ketchup, pickles
  • Legumes (peas, beans, lentils)
  • Asparagus, Brussels sprouts, artichokes
  • all nuts except almonds
  • all types of grain and grain products such as pizza, pasta, rice, rolls, bread and other pastries as well as whole grain products, spelled, soy, amaranth and quinoa
  • Sugar, sweets, ice cream, also water, soy and yoghurt ice cream, honey
  • hydrogenated, refined fats and oils, including margarine, cheap salad oils
  • carbonated beverages like mineral water, lemonade, cola
  • Coffee, grain, instant, decaf coffee
  • black tea
  • Fruit tea
  • Icetea
  • alcohol
  • tofu

How can you counteract this?

  • Consume less acidic foods
  • consume more alkaline foods
  • Consume basic foods at every meal (vegetables and fruits)
  • balanced and regular exercise (sport)

Basic foods include:

  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Potatoes
  • Cauliflower
  • paprika
  • Mushrooms
  • Onions
  • basil
  • Iceberg lettuce
  • young spinach
  • arugula
  • alfalfa
  • Almonds
  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • avocado
  • Lemons

Yes, you read that right: Lemons. They are acidic, but have a basic effect in our body. Of course that’s not all food, but I think you understand what it’s about.

In tomorrow’s blog I will devote myself to the alkaline diet.

There are also various detox cures with which you can cleanse the body relatively quickly, but these are only temporary solutions and are of little use if you then fall back into your old nutritional patterns.

I will deal with this topic more intensively in the near future. Since I definitely cannot do without a protein-rich diet, I will definitely also test some products, such as food supplements.

The Anabolic Switch In Practice

Malnutrition, overeating, and physical exercise force our bodies to initiate the anabolic process whereby tissue is repaired, regenerated, improved, and recreated. 

During the deliberate malnutrition and simultaneous training, the body initiates the anabolic state and synchronously the growth activities are maximized through nutrient replenishment and rest.

The undernourishment and overeating cycles can last between 1 and 7 days. With this method, the body is detoxified, which is urgently needed. 

Liver detox is imperative for adequate steroid hormone production and the proper utilization of nutrients for energy and maximum growth.


Malnutrition is a relative term as it is different for everyone. But basically it means consuming fewer calories than you need or eating less than normal.

For our purpose of activating the growth potential, this means at most eating fruits with a low glycemic index (GI) or vegetables (or drinking their juice) and a little protein for the muscles. 

It’s best to just stick with the vegetables and protein, this will save you the headache about the GI.

You can also drink coffee or tea, but only without sugar and no artificial sweeteners. 

You should also avoid industrially processed carbohydrates such as white bread, pasta, white rice, etc., as this boosts the insulin level, which inhibits the activation of the growth-stimulating cellular factors.


Just like malnutrition, this is a relative term that can be interpreted for anyone else. What is a lot for one person may be too little for another. In short, it simply means eating more than usual, i.e. getting a calorie surplus. You should always consider and include all macronutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates.

You should eat proteins and vegetables first, these are the nutrients that are most important to the body, and only then do carbohydrates. Make sure you only consume wholesome proteins such as meat, eggs and dairy products.

Of course, the essential fats should not be forgotten such as flax oil , fish oil or krill oil which are rich in omega-3 and omega-6. The essential fatty acids are vital and responsible for cell growth, cell membrane functions and hormone synthesis.

Periodic overeating signals your body to increase the metabolic rate in order to cope with the thousands of calories or to burn them. 

After a few such cycles (malnutrition / overeating) it may be that your metabolism is automatically increased and you can consume more food, accelerate muscle growth even more without gaining body fat.

Exercise on an empty stomach

Exercising on an empty stomach before eating is the most effective way to accelerate anabolic state activation while forcing the body to burn fat and inhibit fat storage. 

People who train immediately after getting up or at another point in time on an empty stomach are in a win-win situation. 

In order to be able to exploit the full potential, you should take all the necessary nutrients that are required for an anabolic state immediately after training.

The great pump

Professional bodybuilders know exactly what this means. The day after the competition they usually experience an enormous pump.

The term muscle pump stands for the muscle and vein swelling after training, whereby the body looks fuller, more muscular and more defined.

Many bodybuilders who follow a calorie or carb-restrictive diet prior to competition sacrifice lean muscle mass in order to look lean and defined on stage. 

But amazingly, most don’t look their best until the day after the competition. 

The reason for this is that the restrictive calorie intake puts your body in a catabolic state and it is precisely in this phase that the body is optimally prepared for the anabolic phase. 

As soon as the bodybuilders can eat what the heart desires (excess calories), i.e. immediately after the competition,

The body is put into an extremely strong anabolic state. It is the malnutrition / overeating cycle that puts the body in a maximally anabolic state and that is exactly what happens the day after the competition.


Daily cycle: 20 hours of malnutrition and then 4 hours of overeating. It is best to plan the overeating phase immediately after training in order not to risk muscle loss and to provide the body with the necessary nutrients.

2 day cycle: 1 day malnutrition and 1 day overeating. Maybe you plan the undernourishment day on a non-training day so as not to risk muscle loss and if you do, I would just increase the BCAA intake.

3 day cycle: 1 day malnutrition and 2 days overeating.

As you can see, there is a relatively large amount of leeway here.

Just try it out and see how they react. If you have health problems or are taking medication, you should definitely clarify this with your doctor first.

Best Workout Supplements For Muscular Guy & for all Muscular Body

muscular guy

Supplements For Muscular Guy & for all Muscular Body

Almost every day I watch people who move a weight from point A to point B. There is basically nothing wrong with that, but there are big differences in the way the weights are moved.

muscular guy

Type 1 moves the weights up and down at an enormously high speed, so that you can hardly see what is being moved.

Type 2 has such heavy weights that he tries to get the dumbbells moving with all sorts of contortions.

Type 3 has weights that are too light and could do its exercises without additional weights.

Which one is doing it right now?


Speedy Gonzales (Type 1) did his mandatory 12 repetitions in a very short time, but that will certainly not help him. 

If we assume that he needs 1-2 seconds per repetition, he only needed between 12-24 seconds for a set. 

The actual muscle load is even shorter, since the weights were only brought into motion for a short time and then could be moved without much effort due to the momentum. 

The effective exercise time is 6-12 seconds and everyone should now be aware that such a short duration will hardly lead to muscle growth.

Little Hercules (type 2) packed the weights for big boys on it, but can only move it with a bang and noise and at the same time seems to be plagued by twitches all over his body. 

best muscular guy

This increases the risk of injury massively and the heavier it becomes, the less the desired muscle part is used,

Since changing posture etc. involves other muscles and relieves the strain on the overused muscle.

The wise guy (type 3) does his exercises nicely according to plan, but a 5 year old could lift more weight than he does. Just don’t strain your body and certainly don’t work up a sweat,

Otherwise I’ll have to take a shower afterwards. Maybe he’s doing exercise therapy ?

 The muscle may be used to move the weight, but it’s not at all a challenge for the body and so it doesn’t have to adapt (read muscle growth).

Yes I know building muscle is not as easy as it seems. Unfortunately, many people are of the opinion that you only have to work out as much as possible, preferably 7 days a week, and then your muscles will start to grow.

As you can see, lifting weights isn’t enough either. The whole thing is much more complex than it looks and that’s why 80% of those who train always look the same.

And what is the right way now?

The solution is called voltage and has nothing to do with electricity. You have to try to keep the muscle under tension throughout the set and for as long as possible.

Sounds easy, but it is not.

The problem is that in all exercises at a certain angle, the tension decreases or is even lost. So you have to try to execute the movement within this tension field in order to always be under complete tension.

In biceps curls, for example, the tension decreases the closer you move the dumbbell to your chin. Next time during training, try to find out between which 2 points you feel the most tension in the muscles or ask a fitness trainer on site.

When you relax the muscle during the exercise you are giving it a break, so to speak, and making it easier for yourself, but to build muscle you have to do exactly the opposite – you have to make your work harder.

best selling body mass

Once you’ve figured out where the tension is, you’ll likely need to reduce your weight to get the number of repetitions you want.

And now I ask you the question again …

… are you a weightlifter?

I hope not for you, because a weightlifter only brings the weight from point A to B regardless of the technique. 

The weightlifter is not interested in using a specific muscle. For example, as long as he can lift a barbell over his head from the floor, he is happy and satisfied.

What is over Training?

Very often there is talk and warning about overtraining, but very few will or have ever experienced it. 

Sometimes I feel like it’s being used as an excuse not to train hard because it only affects the really hard training people.

Many jump out of a program for fear of overtraining and thus take a step backwards (in terms of fitness). 

Instead of sticking to a training program and sticking to it, many stop after a few weeks. 

But there are other reasons as well, such as lack of results and expectations that are too high due to the sloppy implementation of the program.

But now back to the actual topic …

How much training can you handle?

That depends primarily on your training level. For example, a beginner cannot train 2 hours a day, but there are really advanced bodybuilders / fitness fanatics who can easily train daily due to adequate nutrition and a lot of sleep and thus they can regenerate very quickly.

Beginners shouldn’t exceed 3 days a week. I relate these statements to strength training with weights and not endurance training (cardio). As long as the cardio is not overdone, you can safely add a few sessions to conventional training.

Advanced users can go to fitness up to 4 times a week, as the body has already got used to the training intervals and can cope with more work. “Professionals” can also train up to 5 times a week without any problems.

A 5 day program is of course designed differently than a 3 day program. Heavier loads and more advanced techniques are often used, but with proper nutrition and good deep sleep there are really no problems.

How old are you?

The regeneration phase also varies according to age, i.e. younger people recover faster from hard training than older people. Unfortunately, with increasing age, the regeneration time increases and it takes longer to feel fit again.

What are the symptoms of overtraining?

The most well-known symptoms are decreased appetite or weight loss, lack of motivation, insomnia (falling asleep, staying asleep), persistent muscle fatigue or sore muscles and reduced strength / energy levels.

If you experience such symptoms, it is best to take a few days off training to see if the symptoms subside. Most of the time that’s already done.

Personally, I take a week off every 3 months, whether I really need it or not. Better to take too many breaks than too little.

If you start a new program and recognize symptoms after a short time, I would take a closer look at the program and possibly increase the days off or change the program, as you are probably not physically ready for it.

To avoid overtraining, you should either increase the intensity or the duration, never both together. Sufficient sleep (at least 7 hours) and enough calories are also necessary.

I would also change the training routine a bit every 3-4 weeks, because
1. you won’t get bored by variety and neither will your body -> no new muscle stimulation
2. so you don’t have to do an infinite number of repetitions of the same exercise, because you you’ve got used to it

The Protein Myth

This topic has already caused a lot of controversy. There is a popular misconception that the human body can only absorb 30 grams of protein per meal. However, science has proven otherwise.

French scientists found that it makes no difference in absorption whether you eat your protein all at once or throughout the day.

The study groups consisted of 26 year old women who consumed 80% of their daily protein requirement at one time or over several meals. 

After 2 weeks no differences could be found in the two test groups, the nitrogen balance, the whole body protein turnover, the whole body protein synthesis and the protein breakdown were identical.

In my opinion, it also makes no sense if the body can absorb everything else except protein. 

The 130 kg anabolic meatballs must somehow get their protein turnover and if we assume about 2.5 g per kilogram of lean body mass (LMB = lean body mass) with a KFA (body fat percentage) of about 5% that is ~ 306 g protein during the day.

306 divided by 6 meals gives 51 g of protein per meal.

And 51 grams is not the same as 51 grams of meat or eggs. The protein content in our food is much smaller.

Here some examples:

100 g of chicken breast = 16 g of protein

100 g turkey breast = 23 g protein

100 g tuna = 24 g protein

1 egg = ~ 7 g protein

How Much Protein do you need?

Thumbs up 0.8-2.5 g protein per kilogram of LBM. But I recommend at least 2 grams.

40 kg LBM = 80 g

50 kg = 100 g

60 kg = 120 g

70 kg = 140 g

80 kg = 160 g

90 kg = 180 g

100 kg = 200 g

Are you not building muscles?

Then write down everything you eat for a day, especially the protein, and calculate how many grams you finally ate. Mostly too little.

You probably think now that you just eat yourself a protein shake 6 times a day and that’s it, but it’s not that simple. I would only take protein shakes after training,

If at all, so that your body can be supplied with rapidly available proteins and amino acids as quickly as possible.

Rather, stick to the right and natural food.

Almond And Chicken Salad

Spring is just around the corner and the temperatures have already risen considerably. Sometimes you lose your appetite and in the back of your mind you know that you should actually eat so and so much.

What could be nicer than a fresh salad?

I present you the almond and chicken salad

What do you need for that?


  • 180 g chicken breast (cooked and cut into strips)
  • 30 g unsalted almond slivers (can also be fried)
  • 10 green grapes (divided into 2)
  • 1 celery (diced)
  • 1/2 spring onion (striped or diced)
  • 1 hard-boiled egg (diced)
  • 1 teaspoon of light mayonnaise
  • 1 teaspoon low-fat sour cream
  • 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • 1 pinch of paprika
  • salt and pepper
  • 2 handfuls of lettuce


  1. Cook / fry / grill chicken
  2. In a large bowl, mix the chicken, grapes, celery, onions, and eggs.
  3. In another bowl, mix together the mayonnaise, sour cream, mustard, paprika, salt, and pepper
  4. Empty the sauce over the chicken and distribute it
  5. Put all the ingredients in the bed of lettuce on the plate and add the almond slivers

Sounds pretty easy, it is. And it tastes good anyway. But what are the nutritional values ​​of such a salad?

Calories: 480
Protein: 54 gr.Carbohydrates
: 16 gr.Fat
: 22 gr.

Have fun trying it out and enjoy it

Supplement Secrets

Have you checked out a bodybuilding magazine?

It mainly consists of advertisements for some supplements (dietary supplements) and is adorned with oversized bodybuilders who want to make you realize that it was only thanks to this one supplement that they became so huge.

Of course, nowhere does it say that these pro bodybuilders are pumped full of anabolic steroids and that they have probably never tried the contents of the little jar, which they lift up with a smile.

Supplement Secrets

Who wouldn’t want to build up X kilograms of muscle in the shortest possible time thanks to some miracle drug?

Let’s be honest. Everyone would prefer to take a pill instead of working their butts in the fitness center 5 days a week. 

That’s why these supplement advertisements are so well received and many people run straight to the nearest store and get these mostly overpriced powders.

Of course there are also legitimate providers on the market, but I don’t really agree with the pricing policy. 

Anyone who makes supplements for a few cents and then sells them for 50, 70 or 90 euros is a crook in my opinion.

Just like in the cosmetics and food industries, it conceals how much of an ingredient it actually contains. 

Usually too little to work effectively. But by doing this, even if a little of it is included, they are allowed to advertise and make empty promises.

You could compare it with the “fruit lemonade” which actually only consists of water and sugar and contains about 4% fruit concentrate. It must be healthy to have something to do with fruit, right?

In any case, I’ve had enough of this smear and grapple with this topic. I didn’t want to waste my money on over-priced goods that don’t keep what they promise.

It paid off very quickly. I found a way how you can manufacture your own supplements in the simplest way for a fraction of the cost, which are in no way inferior to branded supplements in terms of effectiveness.

On the contrary, because some work even better. In fact, you can save up to 99%.

Fitness Takes Place In The Head

Have you ever watched others exercise?

Most lift a couple of weights without making a face, some even talk while doing their repetitions and when they have done their repetitions, not a single drop of sweat is visible on their foreheads.

Still others sit on “bicycles” and leaf through a gossip magazine, bored.

I hope you are not that kind of person, because in a month, year, or decade these very individuals will still look exactly the same, if not worse.

For me, such people are so-called “wannabe lifestylers” who go into fitness for the following reasons:

  1. to calm the guilty conscience
  2. to be able to say they are going to fitness
  3. to justify their looks
  4. to excuse their (secret) feeding orgies
  5. to be seen there

Yes, I’m going to court tough with you here, but you might as well stay at home and sit down in front of the telly with a bag of chips. But hey, the fitness centers live on those people.

The Pareto principle or the 80/20 rule also applies here. 80% of the people do not make progress, the remaining 20% ​​do. One could also interpret it to mean that 20% of the people perform 80% of the work.

Do you also belong to the 20%?

Fitness is much more than physical exertion and a balance for everyday life.

. As soon as you get an uncomfortable feeling, let your body tell you to stop. In this case, the body directs the brain and this is exactly where the alpha animals differ from the herd.

The alpha animal (me and you) tells its body where to go. The body is controlled by the brain and as long as your head is not separated from your body, you also have total control over it.

Pain, burning and trembling is the boundary between the men (women) and the boys (girls). 

By pain I mean the uncomfortable burning sensation in the muscles and not joint pain. If you experience joint pain while doing an exercise, stop immediately!

The burning or trembling should be the indicator of the “point of no return” for you, so there is no turning back. 

As soon as your body wants to lead you behind the light so that you stop, you activate the “killer mode”. 

This means that you now give full throttle again until you can no longer perform any movement. 

Don’t think about afterwards what kind of exercises you have ahead of you or whether you still need to go to the bathroom. 

Concentrate fully on the moment, on the movement, on the muscle contraction.

It is very advantageous if you still have a training partner who can help you a little with the last few movements so that you really get everything out of yourself and no accidents happen, such as with the bench press. 

But you can also do it alone, you just have to know your “over limit” or train on devices that guarantee you the necessary security like a multi-press for bench pressing.

Try to build a mind-muscle connection, put yourself in the muscle, feel it. Even before you start the exercise, imagine how you are going to perform the movement and what your goal is. 

Nothing works without goals! Make a note of your results and try to outbid them next time otherwise you will fall by the wayside.

Defeat your weaker self, show him who the boss is and where to go.

5 Muscle Sins

Sin # 1: exercising too much

There is no need to exercise more than 4 days a week. Many people firmly believe that more is better, but these are the very ones who make little progress. 

Week after week, month after month, and year after year, they look the same and still use the same weights.

Sooner or later, more training leads to overtraining, which in turn leads to muscle and strength loss. Remember that your body needs to recover. 

It doesn’t grow during training but afterwards and if you don’t give it time to recover, the opposite of what you intend to do will happen -> your body will shrink (enter a catabolic state).

Sin # 2: exercising too long

Often I go to fitness and finish before others have even reached halfway. I need half of your time and achieve double the result. So here again applies -> less is more.

You should know that your anabolic hormone production (muscle building) peaks in about 30 minutes. 

After 45 minutes, testosterone and growth hormone fall back to their basic values ​​and after an hour even lower. But that’s just a negative aspect.

There is another hormone called cortisol (stress hormone), which is released after 45 minutes and skyrockets after 60 minutes. 

Cortisol can attack muscle fibers and increase body fat. So try to keep your training as short and intense as possible with fewer or shorter breaks between repetitions and sets.

Sin # 3: Understretching the muscles

Every time you set foot in the fitness center, you should beat your last performance -> progressive overload. 

If not, it’s a waste of time because if your muscles aren’t stimulated, they won’t grow either. You have to shock your body, so to speak, and expose it to something that it was not used to before. 

This is the only way he will react and adapt to the exposed stress (higher weight, more repetitions) so that he is prepared for it the next time. 

Our bodies want to make things as easy as possible and prefer to stroll all day, which is why it adapts to any circumstances as quickly as possible. So in this case it will get bigger and stronger.

Sin # 4: eating too little

Many people underestimate this extremely important point, even though the concept would actually be very simple. 

You have to eat more calories than you can burn. You can only gain weight with a calorie surplus, the only question is whether you are gaining fat or muscle mass. In order to build muscle, you need to follow a clean eating plan.

Sin # 5: not getting enough sleep

While you sleep, your body relaxes and regenerates and thus builds muscles. Ideally, you should sleep 8 hours a night. 

If I haven’t slept enough, I take a little nap over lunch. Not getting enough sleep has a negative impact on your hormones. Your testosterone goes down and your cortisol goes up.

For those who don’t know, testosterone is responsible for muscle growth and cortisol “eats up” the muscles and increases the percentage of body fat. We want to avoid both as much as possible.

Lack of sleep also affects your insulin resistance, which means that your body has more trouble processing carbohydrates without storing fat.

Of course, there are many more sins that can affect your success, but I just wanted to go into the most common mistakes that can make quite a difference.

Ask yourself why it could be that you are not making any progress at the moment and analyze your training, eating behavior and sleep.

I’m sure you could tweak one of these areas.

Weight Management : The 5-Day Weight Loss Challenge 2020

weight loss challenge

The 5-Day Weight Loss Challenge Cycle

How Can i Lose a LB a Day ?

Here is The plan is structured as follows:

Each day is rated 1-5 * with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best day.

weight loss

Day 1: cheat day  *****

Here you can eat what and how much you want, but don’t overeat until you feel sick. Spread the feeding spree throughout the day. Also try to reduce alcohol consumption to a minimum, as it has a negative effect on your hormonal balance and thus on fat burning.

are you ready for Weight Loss Challenge? here is Day 2

Day 2: fasting day **

As the name suggests, we fast on this day. You only drink water and maybe you take BCAA’s to counteract catabolism (muscle loss).

BCAA amount in grams: body weight x 0.66

I would divide the BCAA’s into 6 doses over the day.

In addition, I would do endurance training twice (in the morning and in the evening).

Day 3: Shaketag *

As you can see from the asterisk, it is the worst day of the week. Can’t be it do you think now? Oh yes and how, because although you can at least consume protein shakes today, your feelings of hunger will be much greater than on the day of fasting.

You can mix the first 3 shakes with fruit, the remaining 2 with fat (olive oil, nuts, etc.).

But how many calories should it be?

Just calculate with the factor 24 x LBM (lean body mass) … that means the lean body mass -> body weight – body fat = LBM

Weight Loss Challenge

So Do you this is it Really tough Maintaining a Weight Loss Challenge?

Day 4: moderate carbohydrate day ****

The 2nd best day of the cycle. Finally there are carbohydrates and normal food again. :) I would like to emphasize here that this is not a cheat day. The glycogen stores (carbohydrates) are replenished with clean sources such as whole grain rice, potatoes etc.

The first 2 meals are protein and carbohydrates and the remaining 3 meals are protein and fat.

The same calorie formula applies here as with Shaketag -> 24 x LBM

here is a Day 5 of our Weight Loss Challenge Dont Give up

Day 5: Protein Day ***

Only one day left until the highlight of the cycle (cheat day). You can do it easily. You can eat any protein and as many vegetables as you want.

Ideally, 4.4 x LBM gives the target amount of protein in grams.

For the best results, be sure to incorporate endurance and / or strength training daily. The protein or shake days are the best days of relaxation.

So I was able to lose 5 kilos in 2 weeks. Excellent for quickly minimizing the Christmas tummy or getting rid of winter fat in spring

So it was this Simple and you have to keep patience for losing your weight , with this Weight Loss Challenge.

keto diet

Fat Is Not The Enemy

Fat makes you fat!

At least that is what most of them believe nowadays and spread this misconception, I call it fat phobia. Anything that contains fat is feared because it attaches to the fat that is already present on the body.

However, this is only a half-truth, because fats and healthy fatty acids are essential for the human organism. Our body cannot function optimally if one of the macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) is missing.

Are you Craving for French Fries with in the ongoing our Weight Loss Challenge

Here are some examples:

Carbohydrates provide energy and a deficit shuts down the metabolism (economy mode), the brain no longer functions as quickly and mood swings occur.

Proteins provide essential and non-essential amino acids which are needed to build or repair muscles and for various other functions. If these substances are missing, your body gets the required amino acids from the muscles, which leads to muscle wasting.

Fats are essential for the hormonal balance. They are used, among other things, for the production of testosterone, growth hormones and various other hormone precursors.

But that doesn’t mean that you should eat your burgers and fries every day.

Weight Loss Challenge

These are not good fats !!!

So who are the bad guys?

Saturated fats and trans fats are the godfathers of the fat mafia. They’re mostly hidden in industrial foods , fried foods like french fries, and in most fast food chain edibles.

Why are such foods offered at all if they are extremely unhealthy and can even cause diseases?

The hydrogenated fats (trans fats) were sold to us over 100 years ago as progress and shelf life extensions. Although various research institutes pointed out the dangers, they were not heard because they (oh wonder) were suppressed and silenced by the food industry. It even went so far that research results were falsified and the fats were marketed as healthy (e.g. margarine).

Beef fat, milk, water, chopped sheep stomachs and cow udders have also served as a margarine base. mhhh …. delicious

keto diet for weight loss

Who can still remember the “healthy” margarine from Becel?

Becel helps lower cholesterol levels. That is the main message of this advertisement and now you can stuff Becel into yourself unmolested, because it is healthy. Sometimes I wonder how certain products can stay on the market.

Becel is allowed to make this statement because the phytosterols (plant sterols) it contains lower the cholesterol level by a few percent. Phytosterols also help to inhibit the uptake of cholesterol in the intestine. I don’t want to go into detail here and I’ll try to keep it short, so, to put it simply, margarine was developed to excrete itself.

In addition, these sterols can also have a negative effect on the blood vessels and thus do not promote heart health as advertised.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. Due to the fat hardening process, toxic traces of nickel or aluminum remain in the product, which are deposited in the cell membranes and can have various side effects.

Do you notice what’s going on here?

We have been lied to for a long time about fats and that is why it is so difficult to make these distinctions today. Sometimes it seems to me as if someone wants to poison us on purpose … Fortunately, measures are now being taken in some countries to counteract this.

Nevertheless, we are in the fortunate position of being able to decide for ourselves what to add to our body. There are also healthy fats, namely unsaturated fats.

These include olive oil, sesame oil, linseed oil, safflower oil, and flax oil (unrefined), avocados, nuts (almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts) and seeds (flaxseeds, flea seeds, hemp seeds). Fish also contain healthy fatty acids, the so-called omega-3 fatty acids can be found in salmon, cod, herring and mackerel.

And did you notice that these products are all natural? (well, the oils were pressed)

Try to eat more healthy fats. For most people, around 20% of their daily diet should consist of healthy fats.

How Can i Lose a LB a Day ? Success With Fast Food?

Pancakes with Nutella for breakfast, the Happy Meal for lunch and a pizza from the delivery service in the evening.

In between a short time in fitness to calm down the bad conscience and that’s that. Follow this program for 6 months and you will look like Adonis.

Tada … this is how you look after 6 months of training and after 12, 24 or 48 months you still look. The phenomenon is called “skinny fat”, because you are actually thin but have accumulated body fat mainly in the abdominal region. I, too, used to be able to describe myself as such.

You think you can train your bad eating habits by exercising alone … unfortunately no. You cannot train away low-quality foods.

Yes, inferior is a harsh word, but as long as a “food” contains no nutrients but only empty calories  , it can only be inferior . And in my opinion, the name food should only bear high-quality products, because as the name suggests, it is a means to life or, in other words, a living means.

So can canned food, for example, be high quality food?

Absolutely no way. I would rather call it dead matter that has been embalmed so that it doesn’t rot so quickly.

Do you really want to infuse lifeless food into your living body just to make it feel like it has been nourished?

I don’t think so unless you don’t care at all and / or are satisfied with your appearance. Look at it this way, all living means (fruits, vegetables, meat etc.) spoil in a relatively short time, since the microorganisms and thus life in the food initiate natural processes. Without these microorganisms (= unnatural) this process can be delayed for years.

In fact, I go as far as to argue that dead food is death. Yes, I know, at some point we all have to leave, but if you deprive your body of important and essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements over the years, it will definitely not help prolong your life;)

But now back to the topic. As long as you stuff yourself with garbage, you cannot expect your body to change positively and permanently. Of course, there are also individuals who can dig into anything without getting fat, but that’s because of their metabolism, which is why they are far from being healthier.

You can also run to the gym every day and train for 3 hours , but as long as your diet is shitty, you will hardly be able to successfully build muscle or lose fat and thus stay away from your dream body forever .

Either you look longingly in the mirror every day and hope to be able to shape the body with your thoughts or you tackle the problem at the root and finally change your diet.

It’s not easy to turn your diet upside down, I know what I’m talking about, but it can be approached gradually.

Here is a small example:
Week 1: eat more fruit
Week 2: eat less pizza
Week 3: replace Fanta with water

You have to divide your main goal into many small intermediate goals, otherwise you will quickly lose the thread which ultimately leads to surrender.

Are you a doer or a dreamer? Only you can lead yourself to success. If it is too difficult on your own, try it with someone who has the same goal. Maybe you can get your life partner to do it too ?!

You have it in your hand

The Strategic Carbohydrate Intake

Due to various indications that this article is missing, I have decided to write it again. Apparently this got lost in my server complications.

This is the continuation

Today it is about how you can use the strategic carbohydrate intake to keep the leptin level (please see article) at a stable level. By preventing the leptin level from falling too low, your metabolism stays on its toes and you burn fat all day.

The most important thing during weight loss or body fat reduction is undoubtedly the maintenance of the leptin level. This can be achieved in two different ways:

1. Strategic Überfütterungs- and cheat periods, as in the first part described

2. Strategic carbohydrate intake during the week

As described in the first article, leptin levels and carbohydrates are closely related. When it comes to leptin, carbohydrates are the ultimate secret weapon.

How about brownies or chocolate cake?

weight loss
weight loss

No problem on a cheat or reward day.

But just like cheating, you can’t just cram tons of carbohydrates into yourself every day and expect to lose weight. It all depends on the strategy.

After a day of cheating, when the leptin level is at its peak and your body is almost melting the fat away, a low-carb (low-carb) day is built in to fully enjoy the given potential of the previous day. 

Here you feed your body few calories and at the same time the combustion engine runs at full speed, you kill two birds with one stone and benefit twice.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work all week because the longer the leptin level is without carbohydrates, the faster the level falls.

So what do you do when leptin levels start to drop in the middle of the week?

Exactly, you are adding carbohydrates to your body. The added glucose and insulin raise the leptin level again and the brain is informed that everything is fine again.

Do you see now why conventional diets can’t work?

You are actually condemned to a creeping metabolism by the second week at the latest.

This method is the complete opposite of anything you’ve seen and heard before.

Traditional diets get boring very quickly. The same food every day and infinite restrictions, you are not allowed to do this and that is sometimes not possible.

Here you have a whole cheat day and can eat whatever you want plus the carbohydrate days where you can treat yourself to a decent portion of pasta etc.

And do you know what a huge psychological influence that has?

Do you remember the guilt you got after cheating on a diet?

Those days are over. Imagine devouring a portion of donuts with an extra chocolate filling with a clear conscience, knowing that it supports your fat burning. What is better?

When cravings plague you, you can calmly think about the days ahead knowing that you will soon be able to satisfy these cravings

Alcohol And Fitness

In today’s society, it is almost normal to get drunk on a regular basis, at least among the younger generation. There are even folk festivals where the cool blonde is the focus and alcoholic oaks are part of the program.

Fortunately, you can give yourself the edge at the weekend and compensate for it with a little fitness during the week …


That’s not how it works. Excessive alcohol consumption has a significant negative impact on your muscle building / fat burning results. 

Alcohol is far more harmful than most people think and it is important that you know and understand how this folk drug affects your progress.

weight loss

This shouldn’t be a moral speech because I wasn’t better before, but you should definitely be aware of the effects it has on you and your body and thus on your progress. 

I used to go so far that the day after the delirium I tortured myself to the fitness center and almost vomited, so I better let it be. Because this way you break even more, your body must first recover from an intoxication, revitalize itself with minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

But what causes drinking?

1. Dehydration

Our kidneys have to filter large amounts of water to process the alcohol and this can lead to severe dehydration in the body. Water plays an extremely important role in building muscles and even a minimal amount of dehydration can lead to a muscular disaster,

As the muscles themselves consist of around 70% water. When you are dehydrated you have up to 20% less strength and a clear head.
Bottom line: you’re not working efficiently.

2. Depletion of vitamins and minerals

Vitamins A, Bs, C, calcium, zinc and phosphorus are skimmed off extremely quickly through alcohol consumption. Vitamins and minerals regulate many different processes in the body, including building muscle and burning fat.

3. Disturbance of protein synthesis

In protein synthesis, the amino acids are combined to form whole proteins. Excessive alcohol consumption can slow this process by up to 20% and since your muscles are made up of proteins you can see the problem. Bad substances in the body lead to negative results and vice versa.

4. Decreased testosterone levels and increased estrogen levels

Testosterone is by far the most important muscle building hormone in the body. One of the limiting factors in determining how much muscle a person can build is free flowing testosterone,

And as testosterone levels drop, your body’s ability to build muscle and burn fat also decreases.

5. It promotes fat storage

At 7 empty calories per gram, alcohol is a bomb. It often leads to uncontrolled eating attacks which I will go into in more detail in the next part. 

So if you drink and eat more calories, which mostly happens when you go out and get drunk,

You will store fat. Changing the body composition is based on the principle of making good and positive decisions and excessive alcohol consumption is the exact opposite.

6. Increased appetite

Alcohol increases appetite, and people who are intoxicated are unlikely to make the best decisions. After a long night of partying, you definitely don’t want to eat a chicken salad. 

You want something constipating because until now you’ve only been consuming empty calories from the alcohol. 

On the way home you grab something salty and greasy and go straight to bed afterwards. These extra calories can no longer be burned and are converted into fat.

Having fun in life is important, but having too much fun is counterproductive in terms of muscle building and fat burning. 

If you are really serious about building muscle, you should definitely monitor your alcohol consumption. A glass here or there won’t do any harm, but don’t overdo it regularly.

If your goal is a dream body that you’ve always wanted, you have to keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum. 

That doesn’t mean that you can’t go out of the house to have fun every now and then. 

Just make sure to drink as little alcohol as possible and supply your body with the necessary nutrients to minimize the negative effects. 

As long as you have yourself and the alcohol under control, nothing should stand in the way of a well-built body.

Processed Foods

Tastes light, does not burden, ideal for in between – our milk bars

Because … it consists of 60% fat and sugar and is therefore extremely unhealthy. Food is touted these days with everything that has to do with health and wellbeing in some way. 

Sausages and sweets are adulterated with vitamins, drinks are supposed to be digestive and a margarine is supposed to lower the cholesterol level.

Are we lucky that the food industry takes so good care of us …

… the industry can do a lot more. She can make fruit yogurt without fruit and meat soups without meat. How cool is that?

The food industry and manufacturers such as Ferrero, Nestlé and Co. seem to have magical powers. Much is made of nothing (almost like the central banks).

Ferrero even received the golden cream puff for its Milchschnitte, an award from foodwatch for the most brazen advertising lie.

Fortunately, we can rely on state authorities that control everything and only want the best for us … unfortunately NO. These authorities in particular leave an enormous amount of leeway open, which is not going to decrease in the foreseeable future.

weight loss

E223, iron gluconate, dimethylpolysiloxane, E474, E901, sodium potassium tartrate, E1404

Who can still keep track?

The packaged products are adorned with terms such as fitness, healthy, without additives and on a natural basis and we can then safely reach the shelf without questioning anything … unfortunately, NO again.

But today’s foods contain far fewer additives than they used to, don’t they?

Appearances are deceptive. There are less E-something mentioned in the ingredients, but it doesn’t have fewer additives because they are simply mentioned with different names such as yeast extract instead of flavor enhancer, glutamate, glutamic acid or E620-E625.

Only profit is in the foreground and customers are left behind. It is produced with as few resources as possible and the end consumer is given a big margin for this inferior product.

They even earn more money from the meat waste. They are processed into sausages, roasts and schnitzels … mhhhh

If you want to eat healthily, it is best to avoid industrially processed foods, because they contain little or nothing of what is on the packaging or advertised – thanks to the legislation.

Stick to the natural and proven foods like eggs, meat, whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables. From these food sources you get all the necessary nutrients, minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Regional weekly markets cover these needs almost completely.

Down With Cardio

How many times have you heard “I hate cardio, it’s so boring”?

Well, I would also say that trying to walk towards a television on a treadmill or to crawl to death on a “bike” and having to look at yourself in the mirror all the time is pretty boring. In fact, I’m a staunch cardio hater myself.

In addition, long, regular cardio training is not exactly beneficial for fat burning. Regular cardio (at a steady pace) works against you over time as your body gets used to the exertion and you burn fewer calories as a result.

Your body is a survivor and it doesn’t want to use up all its energy reserves (your body fat) if it doesn’t have to. Other than that, it adds little to nothing to your metabolism. I don’t think this can be any exercise where you can read the newspaper or watch TV. I don’t mean to spoil the boring constant endurance training, but most people use it the wrong way.

So what’s the solution?

Sprint intervals or circuit training with weights or body weight.

Instead of spending half an hour at the same boring speed, you can integrate intervals into your endurance training. 

That means you give full throttle for 1-2 minutes, then come back down to normal speed until you have recovered (about 1-2 minutes) and then give full throttle again. You can repeat this as often as you want or can.

Take it slow if you’ve never done this before. This type of exercise creates an immense need for oxygen and burns many more calories, even for up to 24 hours after exercise.

You can use the same principle for the other exercises. For example, instead of doing an abdominal exercise, then pausing and doing the next set for the stomach, you can jump from exercise to exercise without a break. 

So from stomach to chest to biceps to triceps and then repeat until all sets are done. 

The key is not to be distracted, not to chat with others, just concentrate on your workout. 

If a station should be occupied, just skip it. The only break should be walking from machine to machine or exercise to exercise.

You can tell from your sweat and rapid breathing that you are doing it right and that you are putting more strain on your body and burning more calories.

So stop wasting time reading magazines in the fitness center and use the available time more effectively.

Lose Weight And Eat Out

You are on a diet and you are not allowed to go to a restaurant during this time!

Fortunately, that’s not true :)

Of course, even though you are losing weight, you can go out to eat out without feeling guilty.

weight loss

Here are some tips on how you can still have fun eating.

  1. Plan ahead.
    View the menu online and choose the healthiest menu.
  2. Eat a small healthy snack before you go
    When you go to dinner hungry and not starving you can relax, eat slowly and enjoy the menu instead of running the risk of losing control and overeating on unhealthy foods.
  3. Consume a lot of vegetables
    Unless they’re deep-fried or soaked in butter / oil, you can’t go wrong with vegetables. Vegetables are very low in calories, high in fiber, and full of other good nutrients.
  4. Add a lean source of protein.
    For example, when ordering a salad, add grilled chicken breast or cottage cheese.
  5. Make simple, healthy changes to your favorite dishes
    Don’t just eat what you think you should , because eating has to be fun. You may be physically full, but psychologically you are not at all satisfied and therefore you may later fall back into your old pattern.
    That’s why I recommend eating what you want once a week anyway, no matter what it is. A diet can really pull you down mentally, but when you know that you can eat what you want once a week, it won’t be so difficult for you.
  6. Drink plenty of water and eat slowly
  7. Stop
    eating when you start to feel full, not when your plate is empty.

In addition, you are the paying customer / king and can make changes to your menu. Here some examples:

Could I have white instead of dark meat?

Could I have grilled my fish instead of deep-fried?

Could I have light cheese, cream, oil etc.?

Could I have my burger (sandwich) without cheese and mayo, but with more lettuce, tomatoes and mustard?

I would like the low-calorie salad dressing.

Could she please bring me a salad instead of fries on the side?

As you can see, it is not that difficult to make healthy choices. Hopefully, you can take it easy on your next diet.

A Calorie Is Not The Same As A Calorie

Everyone knows that in order to lose weight you should consume fewer calories than you need and vice versa when you gain weight.

It would be nice, but unfortunately it’s not that easy.

In this article I would like to take a closer look at the topic of gaining weight.

Many now finally decide to eat more and above all to achieve a calorie surplus, because only with a calorie surplus can you build muscles.
Your eating plan will look something like this:

pancakes with maple syrup and whipped cream
eggs with bacon

2 bars of chocolate

2 plates from the daily menu and 2 pieces of cake for dessert

2 servings of Xtreme Mass Gainer

a big McDonalds menu and a McFlury

1 bag of chips

That’s a lot of food and, above all, lots of calories.

and what happens after a week of this super bulking phase?

weight loss

You feel really shitty and have flatulence. The pants no longer fit and the t-shirt is a bit tight around the stomach. And of course, as desired, you also gained weight, but unfortunately only fat.

Incidentally, the bulking phase denotes the strategic overeating or the bulking phase (increasing muscle mass).

Aside from the visual changes, weightlifting performance also drops significantly. You get out of breath faster, have no energy and thus motivation is in the bucket.

weight loss

It’s best at home on the sofa … to let yourself go and end like that.

And in no case should you forget all the gas products!
With this worthless diet you become a walking gas leak, you can speak of luck if you are still single and that will hardly change in this time.

Right now is the time to ask yourself whether you should lose weight first or gain even more?

You are confused and do not know why you have put on so much fat and become frustrated or even stop training completely.

Most of them now devote themselves to losing weight again to get rid of the excess fat. That is all well and good, but it also means that muscle mass is lost again. It becomes a vicious circle.

But now back to the actual topic. Is a calorie equal to a calorie?


Simple sugars and fats are called empty calories. They are contained in foods that contain hardly any essential (vital) nutrients such as proteins, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, trace elements and minerals. They only serve as an energy supplier and help you to become fat and unaesthetic.

Chocolate, bratwurst and McDonalds should therefore be taboo. Of course, you can snack now and then, as long as 90% of your diet is okay, it doesn’t make a big difference and it is extremely beneficial in purely psychological terms.

Say no to junk food. Junk doesn’t mean junk, rubbish or poor quality food for nothing.

Instead, focus on oatmeal, lean meat, eggs, vegetables, etc. and you will see what a huge difference it will make. No mirror will be safe from you anymore;)

weight loss

this is how it should look on your plate .

A Calorie Is Not The Same As A Calorie – Part 2

The numerical value of your personal calorie requirement is not the only factor that affects your body shape. There are at least 5 other factors that should be considered:

The thermal effect of food. Also TEF (thermal effect of food).
The TEF measures the amount of energy that is required during various processes such as digestion, absorption, the assimilation of nutrients and also the energy consumption which has a stimulating effect on the metabolism through the central nervous system while food is being consumed by the body. Of the macronutrients, proteins have the greatest thermal effect.

The fiber content of the food.
Because of its chemical structure, dietary fibers are classified as carbohydrates. However, they are very different from other carbohydrates because they are mostly indigestible nutrients. Although a fiber contains around 4 calories, it is neither digested nor absorbed. This means, for example, if you were to eat 300 calories of red beans (about 1/3 of which is dietary fiber) you would excrete 100 calories undigested.

The glycemic and insulin index of food.
These 2 indexes are scaled numbers that describe how quickly a certain carbohydrate enters the bloodstream as sugar and how much insulin it takes to eliminate this sugar again. The faster the sugar gets into the bloodstream, the more insulin it takes to clear it. While the insulin level in the blood is high, fat burning stops, which is not necessarily for everyone.

The macronutrients in food.
Although the main function of insulin is to bring glucose (sugar) into the skeletal muscles, other nutrients are also brought into their “stores”, including fat. The intake of carbohydrates causes an insulin reaction and the intake of fat causes an increase in the lipid level, which means that when fats and carbohydrates are consumed together they cause the greatest fat storage.

The size, frequency and time of food intake.
Large, irregular meals put the body on the alert because it does not know when the next meal will come, it stores the nutrients. On the other hand, smaller and more frequent meals promote fat burning and the absorption of nutrients. Large amounts of carbohydrates before going to bed cause insulin levels to skyrocket, stop fat burning and promote fat storage while sleeping. But if most of the calories are consumed in the first half of the day, this does not pose any problems. On the contrary, these calories are likely to be consumed as energy supplies during the day.

weight loss

You shouldn’t eat something like that before going to bed ^^

As you can see, even though someone consumes relatively few calories on a daily basis, they can promote fat storage by consuming the wrong foods, combining macronutrients counterproductively and eating irregularly at inappropriate times.

To illustrate this, let’s look at a study by Demling et al, who analyzed the diet of 38 police officers.
Although the police followed a hypocaloric diet, i.e. consumed fewer calories than they consumed, they had unhealthy body fat levels and had steadily put on weight over the past 5 years. So if you just had to eat fewer calories than you used up, these cops would have had to lose more and more weight instead of gaining weight.

What else did Demling notice?

  • Only 15% of their diet was made up of protein, the macronutrient with the highest TEF
  • They consumed very little fiber
  • Over 50% of their carbohydrate intake consisted of simple sugars, which have a very high glycemic and insulin index
  • They ate at irregular intervals, only 10% of their calories at breakfast and over 50% in the evening

I hope that I was able to show you that it’s not just about calories in and calories out.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Workout Routine for Professional Muscle Builders 2020


Professional Muscle Builders 2020

Monotonous training by no means leads to the desired goal but rather to frustration. Constantly doing the same exercises, weights, intensity, speed, etc. doesn’t just bore you. 

Your body and therefore your muscles get used to a certain training pattern relatively quickly; they usually only need between 3-6 weeks to adapt.

Professional Muscle

And whoever is adapted becomes lazy and no longer develops, the muscle growth or the increase in strength stagnates. Look at it this way: your muscles only want to do what is absolutely necessary (they prefer to lie on the beach and sip a cocktail), but if you use them heavily and put them into a state of stress they have to adapt to the new load so that they can be on the next time are prepared.

So how can you present your body with new challenges?

In principle it is very easy. Change one of the following variables:

  • burden
  • speed
  • intensity
  • Number of repetitions

With the load is meant the resistance or the weight. Exercising with the same dumbbells is unlikely to get you anywhere. But there are different approaches which one should consider.Pyramid training With each set of an exercise, the weight is increased and the number of repetitions is reduced at the same time. So choose a weight with which you can just do 12 repetitions.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Workout Routine for Professional Muscle Builders 2020
  1. Set of 20kg x 12 reps
  2. Set of 22.5kg x 10 reps
  3. Set of 25kg x 8 reps
  4. 27.5kg set x 6 reps

Reverse pyramid trainingWith each set of an exercise, the weight is reduced and the number of repetitions increased at the same time. So choose a weight with which you can just do 6 repetitions.

  1. 30kg set x 6 reps
  2. Set of 27.5kg x 8 reps
  3. Set of 25kg x 10 reps
  4. Set of 22.5kg x 12 reps

Reduction rates

Do as many reps as possible, then for the next set reduce the weight by 20-30% and do as many reps as possible. This variant is very suitable for the final phase of a training session. To make it even harder, you could continue straight away without a break, so reduce the weight briefly and go straight back to the fight.

  1. Set 100kg x as many reps as possible
  2. Set 80kg x as many reps as possible
  3. Set 60kg x as many reps as possible
  4. Set 40kg x as many reps as possible

Try playing around with the variations just mentioned and get ready for sore muscles

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Workout Routine for Professional Muscle Builders 2020

Now that we’ve done a few types of training, I want to go into more detail about training speed. Firstly, the total duration of the strength training should not exceed the 45 minute limit, as afterwards there is a steep drop in (natural) anabolic hormones.
This may sound like little to some, but in this relatively short amount of time you can torture your body sufficiently.

As a result of the training, the body increasingly releases the anabolic (anabolic) hormones testosterone and growth hormone (hgH – human growth hormone). The peak of the distribution is reached after about 30 minutes of training. The hormone concentrations then drop until they return to their original values ​​after about 45 minutes. If the training lasts longer than 45 minutes, the body releases more and more degrading and thus catabolic cortisol. Under the influence of cortisol there is a significant decrease in testosterone concentration and an overall catabolic metabolism.

So far so good … But
now there is more. Of course, you can also change the duration of a sentence or a repetition.

But first I would like to explain a small scheme.
The speed of movement is expressed as follows -> 1x1x
This means 1 second negative (eccentric) movement, no pause, 1 second positive (concentric) movement, no pause

To clarify, I would like to give a second example -> 2121
2 seconds negative movement, 1 second pause, 2 seconds positive movement, 1 second pause

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Workout Routine for Professional Muscle Builders 2020

The pause refers to the point in time after the completed positive or negative movement. In bench presses, the negative movement would be lowering the barbell towards your chest, then you could keep the weight down for a second, but without supporting it on your chest. A break does not mean to relieve the muscle but only to delay the movement, the muscle remains under tension / stress.

And now we come to the interesting part … the manipulation of the various variables and their effects.

Hypertrophy is produced at 6-12 reps and means muscle growth, which most people want to achieve.
Let’s say you do 8 repetitions, does it make a difference whether you need 16 seconds or 40 seconds for a set?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Workout Routine for Professional Muscle Builders 2020


In the first variant (16 sec), a movement would be structured as follows -> 1x1x
The speed of the movement would only put little strain on the muscle, as there is momentum with such jerky movements. You only use strength in the beginning to get the weight moving. The effective duration of tension in the muscles is only about 8 seconds, if at all. Similar to a pendulum, you only initiate the movement, the rest goes by itself.

The second variant (40 sec) could look like this -> 212x
The entire sequence of movements is carried out in a much more controlled manner, which also significantly minimizes the risk of injury. Due to the slower and more controlled movement, the muscle is under tension for the entire 40 seconds (8 x 5 seconds) and is thus much more exhausted. And then we have come to another important point. Time under tension is another tool to bring the muscle into new stimulation zones and thus to grow.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Workout Routine for Professional Muscle Builders 2020

The duration of tension should not be confused with strength endurance training, with significantly more than 12 repetitions being performed. Muscles with a lot of stamina do not really get bigger, as you can easily see in marathon runners. It would be a disadvantage for them if they had to carry more weight with them.

The best thing to do is to take a stopwatch with you to the fitness center and measure your sentence duration, I’m sure you will be amazed at how little time you spend on it. The transition is not that difficult, you just have to focus on the movement and muscle tension and avoid the momentum.

Best and The Perfect Keto Diet of 2020

keto diet

The Perfect Keto Diet

As most of you already know, I am currently preparing for the Swiss Natural Bodybuilding Championship (i.e. doping-free). In order to be able to shine on stage and to be able to present the muscles as well as possible,

A very low body fat content is necessary. My target will be around 4%, which I am still far from at the moment (10%). In addition, I have to try to maintain as much muscle mass as possible at the same time, which is relatively difficult with a calorie deficit.

The start of the diet was July 27th and the end of the competition day will be October 27th. 

My starting weight was 90kg with about 13% KFA (body fat percentage), now after almost 3 weeks later I’ve already reached 86kg and 10% KFA. 4 kg in 3 weeks sounds like a lot,

But you have to keep in mind that a lot of weight has to be taken into account for glycogen stores and water retention. Everyone who starts a diet will make great progress at the beginning which will then steadily shrink.

To be able to lose weight you should first calculate your daily calorie requirement, which you have to adjust again and again during the diet depending on your body weight.

Calculating the calorie requirement:

  • Endomorph : body weight x 28-31
  • Ectomorph : body weight x 35-38
  • Mesomorph : body weight x 33

Anyone who does not know these body types will find out now. The following picture should actually be self-explanatory, I will still add my mustard to each type.

An ectomorph has a hard time gaining weight and therefore has a very fast metabolism.

The mesomorph is the average person and has a normal metabolism.

An endomorph is more likely to store fat and has a slower metabolism.

In my case, the daily calorie requirement is currently 2838 kcal: 86 kg x 33 = 2838

That means so many calories I only need to be able to maintain my current body weight.

Neuer’s calorie goal -> 2838 – 600 = 2238 kcal per day

In order to lose as little valuable muscle mass as possible, you should not lose more than 1 kg per week, ideally between 500 and 750 grams. You can do this by reducing your daily calorie requirement by 600 kcal. This results in a total calorie deficit of 3000-4200 kcal per week, depending on whether you add a cheat day or a carbohydrate day to boost your leptin level again.

Now you know your calorie needs, but what about the macronutrient breakdown?

The “golden rule” for a bodybuilder is 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. This amount needs to be increased a little while dieting to protect muscle mass.

  • Mesomorph : 2.6 g / kg – 2.8 g / kg
  • Ectomorph : 3.0 g / kg – 3.5 g / kg
  • Endomorph: 3.0 g / kg – 3.3 g / kg

For me, the daily protein requirement is between 223 g and 240 g (86kg x 2.6 / 2.8), but here I take the middle which is 230g, i.e. 920 kcal since 1 gram of protein has 4 kcal.

The fat absorption looks like this:

  • Mesomorph: 17% – 23% of the calorie requirement.
  • Ectomoph: 24% -28% of the calorie requirement .
  • Endomorph: 23% -28% of the calorie requirement. The fat content was increased here because endomorphs tend to have trouble processing carbohydrates.

For me this results in between 380 kcal and 514 kcal and the middle is around 450 kcal or 50g fat per day because 1 gram has 9 kcal.

The remaining calories are made up of carbohydrates. In this case we already have 920 kcal protein + 450 kcal fat = 1370 kcal -> 2238 kcal – 1370 kcal = 868 kcal carbohydrates, i.e. 217g since 1 gram of carbohydrates has 4 kcal.

Strategic carbohydrate intake
This is about the optimization of the hormone leptin, on which I have already written two articles

Such a carbohydrate supply or also called refeed should be carried out every 6-12 days with a body fat content of 10-15%. People with over 15% body fat do not need such a refeed day. The less body fat you have, the more refeeds you need.

Refeed rules

  • Plan the refeed on a day on which you train your worst body part (s). The refeed not only increases leptin levels but is also quite anabolic (muscle building).
  • minimize the fat intake that day as the insulin level will be increased and the fat absorbed through the food will be transported into the adipose tissue.
  • reduce protein intake to 2.2g per kilo of body weight
  • consume as little fructose as possible, as it has no effect on leptin levels
  • Increase your caloric intake to the maintenance level. In this example back to 2828 kcal and increase the carbohydrate intake by 50% -100% (ectomophe orientate themselves at 100% and endomorphs at 50%).

Timing of food
As already mentioned, carbohydrates cause an increase in insulin, which is quite protective of the muscles but at the same time very anti-lipolytic (not very beneficial in terms of fat loss). Care should be taken to ensure that there are long periods of low insulin levels and short periods of high insulin levels. Since the training itself is very catabolic (muscle-reducing), you should ideally plan your carbohydrates around your training, i.e. shortly before, during and shortly after.

Based on our small example: 2 hours before training 73g, 73g maltodextrin / dextrose during training and 2 hours after training the rest.
217g: 3 = 73g carbohydrates divided into 3 “meals”.

Body Transformation

Who is really at peace with their body?

I don’t think so, because there are always places and spots on your body that you don’t like. Fortunately, these days, everything can be fixed by a cosmetic surgeon. The range not only includes larger breasts or a straight nose, but also six-pack and biceps implants.

Why rip your bum when it was that easy?

Yes, I know it is expensive and also involves certain risks … so what?

No, have fun aside. Of course there are areas of the body which cannot be changed without surgical intervention, but we can “conjure up” major changes without any surgeons.

Well, it’s not that simple, you have to do something for it and a lot can be done with the two components fat and muscle.

The ratio of fat and muscle is decisive here and there are different variations.

Variation 1: More fat than muscle

Best and The Perfect Keto Diet of 2020

Variation 2: More muscle than fat

Best and The Perfect Keto Diet of 2020
Best and The Perfect Keto Diet of 2020

Variation 3: no muscles and no fat

Best and The Perfect Keto Diet of 2020

As you can see, the results differ significantly.

How do you want to look

Yes, me too, in my opinion variation 2 is the most aesthetic, but unfortunately also the hardest to achieve. 

Variations 1 and 3 are comparatively child’s play, either you stuff a lot of food into yourself or you only eat an apple a day and nothing else. No physical training or anything like that is necessary.

Life is not fair. Instead, the feeling of success, pride and joy are all the greater when you have reached Variation 2.

How so?

Simply because you put a lot of time, sweat, discipline and energy into your body transformation.

Well, Variations 1 and 3 have that too, but they can’t necessarily be proud of themselves. Variation 1 has to go to McDonald’s several times a day and spend as much time as possible on the sofa in front of the telly. 

Variation 3 is a lot easier, you just have to be careful not to overeat and if you do, you can still use the toilet bowl. But neither of them will be happy.
You are now probably wondering how to get your dream body or at least a few steps closer.

You need:

  1. target
  2. motivation
  3. discipline

The goal
Without a goal, you will never achieve anything. You don’t get on a train and get off somewhere, unless you’re so drunk that you don’t know where up and down is.

You will very likely lose your way a few times, but it is well known that you also get to your destination by detours. None of the greats such as Einstein or Henry Ford were successful from the start; they too had to overcome a rocky road.

See it as something good, because every time you lose your way you learn something.

The best thing to do is to write down your desired weight, including your body fat percentage, BIG on a piece of paper and stick it on the door of your room or over your bed. Maybe you print out a picture of your beauty idol and stick your head on his / her body.

The motivation
Like everyone else, you will eventually arrive at a point where the motivation is on the beach and sipping pina colada. The trick is to catapult yourself out of this low as quickly as possible.

For this it is not enough just to want to look better or not to have to be ashamed anymore. You need much deeper motivations, so-called irrational motivators.

You have to ask yourself why you want to look better, for example.

Answer: so that I have more self-confidence.

Now you ask yourself the above answer again.

Why do I want to be more confident?

So that I can assert myself better in life.

Why do I want to assert myself better in life?

So that I have more success in my job.

Why do I want to be more successful in my job?

So that I can earn more.

Why do I want to earn more?

So that I can guarantee my family a good life.

and so on and so on … here I would like to refer to an earlier blog that deals with this topic.

What motivates you to exercise?

Discipline In
order to achieve your goal you have to be very disciplined and that doesn’t stop with regular training. This is about lifestyle changes, the way you live.

What has prevented you from progressing so far?

The weekend out with tons of alcohol and fast food?

Insufficient and unhealthy diet?

Are you working too much

Family obligations?

You know best yourself. Try to overcome your barriers and if there are a thousand different reasons why it doesn’t work, take it step by step. Start with one obstacle at a time.

For example, change your eating habits and just focus on them until you think you have it under control. Only then do you take the next hurdle. In my opinion, this is the easiest way to get used to bad habits and adapt your lifestyle to your goal.

Fitness At Home

The holidays are over and like every year it is now time to finally implement the good resolutions. Who likes to hold back when it comes to a feast and a good drop of wine?

The big “surprise” usually comes in the New Year, when you stand on the scales with reluctance and the numbers seem to go crazy.

If you can’t make it to the fitness center for reasons of time, you don’t have to put your resolutions in the sand. In this day and age, the gym comes to your home.

Motivation tips for fitness training at home

Fitness and regular exercise are important basic building blocks for a healthy everyday life and as prevention for old age.

For those of you who cannot go to a fitness studio regularly because time and travel do not allow it, there is fortunately an online fitness studio

 offers many different fitness courses for at home.

But hard work and continuity are also required in your own four walls.

Here are a few tips for self-motivation:

1. Set goals:
Think about what you want to achieve after the first month: be it weight reduction, more stamina, or the containment of minor ailments.

And where do you want to be in six months? Do you want to fit into your favorite dress again or do you want to take part in the city marathon?

Always tell yourself that now and in old age your body will be very grateful to you. He in turn will reward you with agility and activity.

2. Schedule fixed times:
You now have the freedom to determine the training time yourself. The important thing is that you try to find a steady day for your training in your own home. Give it a try on Sunday afternoon – between lunch and dinner.

3. Get someone on board!
Only the toughest manage to train regularly in the distraction of everyday life. Do your training with a friend, with your partner or with your child. There are fitness courses at where you can integrate your baby.

4. Look at fitness the same way you look at your job.

Regarding work, you cannot say: “Oh, today I feel like going and I’m not going for the next 3 days.”

Eat Before Bed?

You have probably also heard that you shouldn’t eat anything after X o’clock. As everywhere, this is one of those many misconceptions in the fitness world.

It is recommended not to eat anything before going to bed because the later it is in the evening, the slower your metabolism will be and therefore avoiding food intake as the excess calories are stored as fat.

The idea behind it is good, but in reality it looks very different.

What you should actually pay attention to are foods that increase the insulin level -> that is, carbohydrates.

  1. As the insulin level rises, fat burning slows down massively and a fat-storing environment is created in your body. It’s not that this is always bad. After training or after getting up, it is great for recharging the body with energy, but not in the evening when your metabolism is slowly dropping.
  2. Insulin sensitivity decreases drastically in the evening, which means that your body does not react as strongly to insulin as it does during the day, which means that carbohydrates are stored as fat.

(You should avoid such things in any case)

As you can see, eating carbohydrates in the evening isn’t exactly beneficial, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t eat anything.

Just imagine what happens to your muscles without food.

Suppose you have dinner at 7:00 p.m. and then don’t eat anything until you get up again at 7:00 a.m. you have left your muscles without food for a full 12 hours.

This is a great way to lose muscle, especially if you are on a diet and have a calorie deficit.

The more muscles you lose, the slower your metabolism becomes and this leads to more difficult fat loss. In addition, muscles not only look good, they also help you burn calories -> more muscles equals less fat.

So to avoid hunger pangs at night and do something good for your muscles, I recommend a small meal consisting of slowly digestible proteins and fat. It should be taken 2 hours to 30 minutes before going to bed.

With slowly digestible proteins I mean eggs, salmon, beef and whatever, and with the fats it can either be a little olive oil or a few nuts (cashews, almonds, etc.).

Lean Muscle Mass With 3 Meals

Sometimes it can be very difficult for some people to eat 5-6 meals a day. That’s why I want to show you how it should be possible to cover your calorie needs with just 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) despite a lack of time.

Can you build muscle with just 3 meals?

Of course. It just depends on the timing and the amount.

Of course, it is better to eat several small meals throughout the day, not only for the stomach, but also for muscle building and fat reduction. For some people it is simply not possible to eat 5-6 times a day for technical reasons.

that’s how it works…

  1. Try to work out in the late afternoon / early evening, it would be best in terms of food.
  2. Breakfast (large) should consist of eggs, oatmeal or muesli or whatever else you eat in the morning.
  3. Lunch should be average, but be careful not to overload your digestive system
  4. Exercise and then take a post-workout shake
  5. Dinner will be your biggest meal. Since your body now reacts like a sponge, it will soak up everything you feed it now. Here you should try to cover at least half of your daily calorie requirement. Overloading yourself so excessively with calories has a very strong anabolic effect.
  6. Next day, again steps 1-5.

That’s it, that’s the plan. Sometimes I don’t manage to eat 6 times a day either, this variant has worked very well so far.

If you can, still try to have a few more snacks during the day, but don’t worry if you can’t.

Para-Workout Nutrition

What does “para-workout nutrition” mean?

Para-workout nutrition describes the food intake before (pre), during (peri) and after (post) training. I will use the English terms in this article, as these have now become established with us.

Studies have shown that pre-workout nutrition is at least as important, if not more important, than post-workout nutrition. 

That makes sense, of course, because you wouldn’t be able to drive off your car without petrol either. It’s the same with training. 

You should also consume something before training in order to achieve better, longer and therefore more efficient performance. 

This not only makes your training more efficient, but your body can recover faster and it can also promote the effect of your post-workout shake.

Peri-Workout (during training):
Originally, peri-workout nutrition was a pre- or post-workout drink. But now it is often discussed about taking BCAA’s (branched-chain-amino-acids, i.e. essential branched-chain amino acids) and creatine during training. The only question is whether that makes sense ?!

Personally, I do not take any supplements (food supplements) during training because I keep my stay in the fitness center as short as possible. 

I train pretty quickly and jump from exercise to exercise without long breaks or small talk. 

It would be too awkward for me to take any pills or the like with me, my water is enough for me (of which you should drink at least 4 liters a day).

In addition, not everyone is able, depending on the training intensity, to take in something extra, because the stomach does not play along with some.

In the past, I sometimes even had problems with pre-workout nutrition during training, for example when I was doing HIT. 

HIT stands for high-intensity training where you do a lot of work in little time, i.e. you do a lot of exercises with very short breaks in under 45 minutes.

If you are not used to this, not only the body is extremely challenged and stressed, but also the stomach. I had to stop the training a few times so as not to mess up the whole fitness center (almost vomited .

In my opinion, it only makes sense to take peri-workout nutrition for longer training units that last longer than 45 minutes (mostly endurance athletes and bodybuilders). 

Depending on how long before the training you have consumed the pre-workout nutrition, it will still be digested and thus provide your body with energy.

For anyone who does longer workouts and wants to build muscle or strength, BCAA’s or beta-7 supplements can of course be beneficial. 

There are now a number of energy drinks that give you an extra energy boost during training.

Post-workout (after training):
Post-workout nutrition is probably the most widespread variant when it comes to strength training. 

The supplement industry has put hundreds of different food compositions on the market for this, but which one is the best?

Good question. I think it should be kept as simple as possible. A protein / carbohydrate mix is ​​sufficient. 

There are ready-made products for this, or you can mix it up yourself. When it comes to carbohydrates, you should definitely make sure to consume fast-digesting carbohydrates such as maltodextrin.

Quickly digestible proteins and carbohydrates promote your physical recovery and support muscle building.

I personally take around 50 grams of maltodextrin and 25 grams of protein half an hour before and immediately after training.

With this article, I do not want to glorify any dietary supplements (supplements) in any way. Of course, you can also eat everything in the form of solid and healthy food,

But it is sometimes easier to just dissolve powder in water / milk and drink it. In addition, the powdered forms of proteins and carbohydrates are available more quickly, ie they can be absorbed more quickly by our body and thus also act more quickly to “repair” our body again. 

Depending on the type of training, it is also better and more pleasant for our stomach or state of mind

Do You Have Belly Fat

Is your six pack hidden under a layer of fat?

You are not alone, many people have so-called problem areas. For men it is usually the stomach and for women the bottom and thighs. Although you have fat all over your body, you can see it best in these areas.

These problem areas are strongly influenced by your hormonal balance and where the fat attaches is determined by the hormones that are out of control.

Today I just want to talk about belly fat.

The connection between belly fat and the hormone cortisol has been discussed in the fitness media lately . Simply put, the higher your cortisol levels, the more likely you are to have more belly fat. The reverse is also true: the more belly fat you have, the higher your cortisol level.

Of course, high cortisol levels are harmful for other reasons too, but let’s focus on belly fat for now.

Instead of suffering from it (belly fat) you can logically counteract this by lowering the cortisol level. Sounds easy, but it is not.

Ominous anti-cortisol pills are also sold on the Internet, which of course do not help and I would always advise against any pill miracles anyway. And anyway, doesn’t it make more sense to save your money and burn fat at the same time?

Did you know that hormones can be used to fight hormones? You “just” have to figure out which one can be used against which, in which case growth hormone is the key to a flat stomach.

The growth hormone is produced in the pituitary or pituitary gland and is located in the middle of our skull. Growth hormone is one of the most effective things to combat excess cortisol.

It’s easy as pie, if you want less cortisol all you have to do is produce more growth hormone. Just tell your body to produce more:-)

It would be nice if it were that easy.

Fortunately, there are certain types of exercise that significantly increase growth hormone production. As is well known, hormones are always released in response to something, growth hormone comes in response to lactic acid. Lactic acid is a waste by-product that is created during training through various chemical and metabolic processes.

So if you train in a certain way you can produce more lactic acid, which in turn results in a lot of growth hormone and this then combats your too high cortisol levels. As we already know, less cortisol results in less stubborn belly fat.

How does it work?

While lactic acid is produced in most types of intense exercise, there is one unusual type of exercise that produces even more lactic acid than is possible with the other methods. Unfortunately, this type of training is called lactic acid training , where the weights are slowly lifted and quickly lowered.

The reason for this principle is that lactic acid is mainly produced in the concentric or positive / upward movement and less in the eccentric or negative / downward movement, so we focus on the positives and eliminate the negatives as best we can.

So the positive movement (one repetition) takes about 4 seconds and the negative movement as fast as possible, but still safe.

So when you do squats, you bend your knees very quickly and you slowly come up. With the shoulder press, for example, you would lower the dumbbells quickly and slowly press them up again for about 4-6 seconds.

So your body is forced to produce a lot of lactic acid.

More lactic acid -> more growth hormone -> less cortisol -> less belly fat

But that’s not the only solution. In total there are 3 hormones that have to be fought

  1. Estrogen, “man’s breasts” and lower body fat (is combated with density training and testosterone)
  2. Insulin and your swimming rings (is combated with dynamic training and the IGF-1)
  3. And of course cortisol and belly fat (this is combated with lactic acid training and growth hormone)

Why Is Your Belly Fat Not Going Away?

4 reasons why your belly fat won’t go away

Reason # 1: you’re not balanced

Your emotional, mental and physical state has a bigger impact on your body than you think. When your psyche is unbalanced, your fat regulating hormones go out of control and cause even more fat to accumulate.

What is causing this imbalance?

  • not getting enough sleep
  • you spend too much at work and with family responsibilities
  • a lot of stress
  • you worry about your life

Mental and emotional stress causes a breakdown of the hormone cortisol, which results in an accumulation of belly fat. Scientists believe that your body does this out of a natural “protective mechanism”. If you are under constant stress, your body receives a signal that it is being attacked and reacts with the accumulation of fat around your organs.

Why there?

  1. to protect the organs
  2. to make energy available quickly

Ok and now you are probably wondering why on your stomach and not somewhere else?

Your body is actually very lazy (efficient) and wants to make it as easy as possible for itself and not get the energy it needs from far away, like your legs, for example. That is why it is stored around the internal organs, since that is where it is most quickly available.

Reason # 2: your body is like a snack machine

When you look at the contents of a snack machine, all you see is sugar-filled, chemical, and over-treated “dead food” that will kill you bite by bite.

Since our society today consumes way too much of this stuff (otherwise you can’t say it and by that I mean fast food and treated foods) we become what we eat .

We are walking snack machines that fall apart with every step.

What makes these foods so dangerous and unhealthy?

here is a short ABC

A. Obesity-promoting additives

Did you know that most of our thousands and thousands of groceries on the store shelves are made and controlled by only about 5 multinational corporations, which have only one goal and that is to generate even more sales?

The scientists of these main actors are paid to create “Frankenstein-like” food which is then produced in huge robot-controlled treadmill factories.

All kinds of preservatives, additives and chemicals are added to our food so that they can be kept for days, weeks, months or even years.

There are 7 chemicals that have a major impact on our health and of course on our abdominal girth, that’s why I call them obesity-inducing.

Why do these obesity-inducing additives make you fat?

  • Two of these additives interfere with the hormone leptin, which is responsible for telling our brain that we have eaten enough. Without this signal, we just keep eating.
  • Other additives cause weight gain because they cause hormone imbalance. Insulin, which is responsible for storing fat, shoots up while the fat-burning hormone glucagon is suppressed (welcome belly fat).
  • Another addition can lead to a mineral imbalance, which leads to gas.
  • In addition, science has shown that some additives are addictive and cause uncontrolled eating because the neurotransmitters in our brain are inhibited like the drugs cocaine, morphine and nicotine. (maybe that’s why you can’t just eat one?)

Where can you find these additives?

  • Salad sauces – also many light and fat-free versions
  • Cerials (also those advertised as healthy for children) – biscuits, breads, chips, pretzels and pasta
  • Also ingredients like ketchup, jam, syrup and sauces
  • dried, smoked and canned meat
  • Frozen and canned fruits and vegetables
  • Soft drinks (Cola, Fanta etc.), fruit juices, energy drinks, tea
  • Lots of packaged diet foods
  • Hundreds of reduced fat, fat free and diet products
  • and of course most sweets, desserts and fast food products

B. uncontrollable cravings

Your body is malnourished and craves certain nutrients, so you are always hungry. He needs certain micro and macronutrients in order to function, if he doesn’t get that you will get mentally and physically ill -> heart problems, cancer, diabetes and depression to name a few.

If you don’t eat the right foods, which are full of essential nutrients, your brain will constantly signal your stomach to eat more. This is then expressed in cravings and hunger.

The problem is that you only consume more nutrient-free foods and are still hungry due to the nutrient deficit.

C. Constipation

Yes, I know, that might not be breakfast maintenance.

Your stomach doesn’t have to be all fat. Look at it this way: the length of the intestine is 6: 1 in relation to body size. So for a person who is 1.80 m tall, the length of the intestine is 10.8 m. If this is clogged, someone can be very bloated and appear fat.

Not eating the right foods can lead to a bloated appearance. Your digestive system cannot function properly due to the constipation and cannot absorb the important and healthy nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, essential fats, water, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, which your body needs to be healthy and to burn fat faster.

As mentioned under B. , when your body is not getting the nutrients it needs, your brain tells your stomach to eat more.

Reason # 3: you have an impaired metabolism

A. You are not eating enough at the right time

Here’s the problem: most people who want to lose weight cut their daily calorie intake massively. Of course it works, but only for a short time, because with this calorie deficit you are preventing yourself from being successful. You are predestined to fail.

  1. As you probably know, such diets lead to uncontrollable cravings and hunger because your body is not getting the nutrients it needs. Only very few people can withstand these extreme feelings of hunger, most of them capitulate and lose control in which they then “overeat” and ultimately weigh even more than before the “diet”.
  2. After about a week, the hormones, which ensure a regulated metabolism, adapt to the new situation in your body (calorie deficit) and work against you. Leptin levels and thyroid hormone fall like a coin from the Eiffel Tower. Your body tries to store as much energy and therefore calories as possible -> fat deposits.
  3. The fat-storing hormones insulin and cortisol increase by leaps and bounds. At least now you will stop losing weight. At this point, you either need to increase your calorie deficit or do more endurance training to burn more calories.

B. You eat foods that prevent burns

Some foods stimulate your metabolism and thus your fat burning while others do exactly the opposite.

Calories from different foods react very differently in your body. Some ignite and your metabolism goes off like a small rocket and others, however, hinder it like if you were stuck in a traffic jam and there are more and more cars (fat analogously).

There are even foods that you can eat as much as you want because they are so burn-inducing. But you can find out more about this in another blog.

Reason # 4: you do it alone

A recent study from the Harvard School of Public Health found that weight loss was very much influenced by one factor.

Namely the social support.

This had a significant impact on the success of the weight loss. Those who lost weight, who met regularly with other weight lossers and who motivated and supported each other, had an average higher weight loss of 225%.

So if you want to lose weight find like-minded people and meet with them regularly to exchange ideas about your success and give new inputs.

The Dangers And Risks Of Belly Fat

Scientists and doctors agree that fat, and especially the belly fat that surrounds our organs, is the most dangerous fat. You could say that this is one of the greatest health threats and that it can be an affluence syndrome with fatal consequences.

How so?

The inner belly fat envelops our internal organs in the abdominal cavity and can therefore affect the physiological functioning of our body. 

This can lead to health problems such as insomnia, headache, anxiety, depression, joint pain, infertility, lack of energy, allergies, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and so on and so on, among other things.

Aside from that, excessive belly fat dramatically increases the chances of developing fatal diseases such as heart problems, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and even a stroke.

And as if that wasn’t enough, this huge bump makes us look unattractive and can also completely destroy our self-esteem and confidence.

How do I know I have too much belly fat?

Science says that if a man has a waist circumference of 101 cm and a woman has a circumference of 89 cm, they are very at risk (highest risk group) of suffering from one of the symptoms or diseases mentioned above.

Another way to find out if you have too much belly fat is to divide your height in centimeters by 2. The waist circumference should not be more than half your body height. So if you are, for example, 180 cm tall, your waist circumference should not exceed 90 cm.

But to be honest, you don’t need all these calculations to find out if you have too much belly fat. Just take your hand and press your stomach, when you have a handful of fat you know you should do something about it … as soon as possible, before it gets any more.

Why is it so difficult to get rid of the fat?

There are various reasons for this, which I will explain to you in more detail tomorrow .

Are Eggs Unhealthy?

It is generally assumed that the egg yolks in particular are bad and that they contain dangerous fats and cholesterol. But in reality, egg yolks contain most of the nutrients.

Unfortunately, this is just one of the many everyday examples and shows how confused and misinformed people are about food. 

Most people think that the yolk is the bad part of the egg, when exactly the opposite is true because it’s the healthiest part of the egg!

There are also many so-called fitness gurus who describe the egg yolk as bad (mostly in relation to calories and fats) and swear exclusively by protein. 

In addition, the yolk is simply thrown away, which is the most nutritious, antioxidant, vitamin and mineral-laden part of the egg. 

It contains so many B vitamins, trace elements, A vitamins, folate, choline and lutein to name a few.

Compared to the yolk, the protein is almost nutrient-free.

Without the yolk, the proteins in the egg white are not half as valuable, as it balances the amino acid profile and makes the proteins more available to the body. Besides the fact that free-range chicken yolks are full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

The egg yolk contains over 90% calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, thiami, B6, folate, B12 and panthothenic acid of the egg. It also contains all fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K as well as all essential fatty acids.

And here comes the most popular opinion:
“I’ve heard that whole eggs get cholesterol up”

This is wrong!

To be clear, if you eat something that is high in cholesterol, such as eggs, your body regulates this by reducing its own cholesterol production to make up for it.

On the other hand, if you don’t get enough cholesterol, your body will produce cholesterol on its own as it has several important vital functions.

And this is where it gets interesting …

There have been a number of studies that show that consuming whole eggs increases good HDL cholesterol levels more than bad LDL cholesterol levels, i.e. it improves cholesterol ratio and blood chemistry.

High cholesterol is not a disease! Heart problems are illness-related, but not high cholesterol. 

Cholesterol is a very important substance in your body and has vital functions. It is wrong to assume you have to lower your cholesterol just because pharmaceutical companies are promoting that everyone on this planet should be on statin drugs.

The egg yolk also contains antioxidants, including lutein, which can prevent inflammation (…), another reason for the egg yolk.

In a University of Connecticut study, a group of men ate 3 eggs a day for 12 weeks on a low-carbohydrate and high-fat diet. 

The participants’ good HDL cholesterol levels increased by 20% while the bad LDL cholesterol levels remained unchanged. In the other group, which only consumed protein, the values ​​did not change.

I hope you understand now that whole eggs won’t kill you, but rather save you from it.

But what about the extra calories in the egg yolk?

This is actually meaningless, although the protein contains fewer calories than the egg yolk, it is not as micronutrient-rich, which increases the nutritional value per calorie. 

This regulates your appetite for the rest of the day, so you consume fewer calories. In addition, the healthy fats boost the fat-burning hormones in your body.

In short, the extra fat (healthy fats) and calories in the egg yolk help your body burn body fat because it is so nutritious!

Even the conventional industrial eggs from mass farms do not come in the least close to the organic free-range eggs of healthy chickens in terms of nutritional value,

Since the free-range chickens eat more naturally and are not pumped full of antibiotics and other growth-promoting hormones. 

The commercially available cheap foods have a significantly lower nutrient content, a higher omega-6 and a lower omega-3 level. 

Free-range chicken eggs, which are fed more naturally, have a much higher vitamin and mineral content and a more balanced omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid ratio.

Very few people recognize the difference between cheap eggs and free-range or organic eggs. 

Cheap eggs have a pale egg yolk and a thin, weak shell, free-range eggs, on the other hand, have a thick egg shell and the egg yolk has an orange tint, which indicates a higher nutritional value and also more carotene – a healthy egg.

The reason for this is that free-range chickens eat various grasses, insects, reptiles, etc., which results in a much higher nutritional value of the eggs compared to industrial chickens,

Which are kept under mostly poor conditions and are only fed with grain and soy. What you should also know is that the artificial light,

Which is supposed to imitate the sun, is switched on and off for industrial chickens twice a day in order to simulate a new day and to get the chickens to lay more eggs. 

Of course, high-quality eggs cannot be produced in this way, as the egg production of the chickens is also pushed and therefore not enough nutrients can get into the egg.

Do you think that our ancestors threw away the egg yolks hundreds or even thousands of years ago? Absolutely no way. They ate the whole egg.

So stop preparing your omelette or scrambled eggs with 4-5 egg whites and only one egg yolk, because you are missing many valuable nutrients.

Here is another interesting study …

One group ate eggs for breakfast and the other cereal or bread. The egg group lost or was able to maintain body weight, the cereal / bread group gained weight.

“Egg-eaters” consumed fewer calories throughout the day than the “cereals / bread eaters”, who were constantly hungry because their blood sugar fluctuated back and forth and this triggered the feeling of hunger.

I myself eat 4-6 eggs a day for breakfast, sometimes even some during the day, and keep my body fat below 10% all year round.

Leptin – The Most Important Weight Loss Hormone

Leptin was first discovered in 1994 and plays an extremely important role in weight loss.

Leptin molecule – looks more like a tangled cable

What does leptin do?

It informs the brain and body about the current nutritional status.

Two things regulate leptin levels, one is body fat. This means that people with higher body fat percentages also have higher levels of leptin than people with lower body fat percentages. 

Leptin is secreted by fat cells, so there is a direct relationship between the level of leptin and the amount of fat you have on you.

If you try to lose weight by consuming fewer calories, your body overreacts to your disadvantage and lowers leptin levels.

And this is the second factor in blood leptin levels, caloric intake. As soon as you cut down on your calorie intake, leptin levels will go down regardless of your body fat.

So you can suffer from low leptin levels despite being overweight, just go on a diet.

So what happens when leptin levels drop?

As I said before, under normal circumstances the leptin level is normal and the brain receives the signal that the calorie intake is sufficient. The metabolism is high and the body is burning fat until you start dieting.

(This body doesn’t know much about burning fat)

Once you start dieting, your leptin levels drop dramatically (by 50% or more in just a week) as it tells your body that you are half starved and are not consuming enough calories.

This slows down your metabolism and leads to a hormonal response that stores fat. The thyroid hormones react by falling and the belly fat-storing stress hormone cortisol shoots up.

Hello belly fat.

(Welcome to the world of leptin resistance)

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the appetizing hormones ghrelin, anandamide and neuropeptide-Y are added, which make your life even more difficult.

So when the leptin level drops you will get very hungry.

Ironically, our bodies burn fat at all other times except when we are trying to burn fat.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could maintain high levels of leptin and a fat burning body while dieting? This would solve all of the problems.

Leptin as a dietary supplement?

The problem is that leptin is a protein-based hormone. So it cannot be taken orally, otherwise it will simply be digested. This excludes the leptin pill.

Then we still have leptin injections. This even works, the metabolism remains high and the body does not go into “starvation mode” even though one consumes fewer calories.

1996, Ahima et al. used leptin injections to reverse starvation-inducing neuroendrocrine adaptations in mice, i.e. to outsmart the body.

That’s all well and good, but we are human. Tests on rodents cannot be compared to humans.

1999 Heymsfield et al. conducted a study with placebos, analyzing weight loss in 73 obese people over 24 weeks. 

The “guinea pigs” were injected daily with leptin or placebo. After the 24 weeks, the leptin group showed a greater weight loss than the placebo group and had a higher muscle / fat percentage.

2002, Rosenbaum et al. administered low-dose leptin to men and women who had lost 10% of their body weight. 

During the diet phase, thyroid levels, general energy expenditure, and other metabolic factors all decreased significantly. The result of leptin replacement therapy?

“All endocrine changes have been reversed …”

This means that the thyroid output and the daily calorie burn increased back to the pre-diet level.

2003, Fogteloo et al. showed that leptin injections “tended to reduce the decrease in energy expenditure, combined with energy restrictions, while the tendency to increase energy intake to normal levels in placebo-treated subjects was largely prevented in leptin-treated subjects.”

Simply put, the leptin group’s metabolism slowed less and they were also less hungry, which made it easier for them to stick to their prescribed diet.

2004, Welt et al. reported that leptin given to a group of women with thyroid dysfunction immediately increased the density of the thyroid hormones T3 and T4.

2005, Rosenbaum et al. showed again that the energy expenditure and the circulation density of T3 and T4 increased again to the normal level (i.e. as before the weight loss) with regular leptin injections.

In theory, this means that keeping leptin levels high while dieting will solve our dilemma by preventing the negative metabolic adaptations that the calorie restriction causes.

Unfortunately there is a problem. Daily leptin injections are way too expensive, thousands of euros per week. So we can forget about leptin supplementation as a solution. Besides that, who wants to put a needle into their skin voluntarily every day?

A realistic solution

Now that we know that injections of leptin are not going to save us, we should consider the possibility of manipulating the body’s natural production of leptin.

Instead of supplying us with expensive injections, there is a solution that everyone will like: more calories and carbohydrates.

As we know, leptin levels drop by 50% after a week’s diet. Fortunately, it doesn’t take nearly as long to replenish leptin to 100%.

Studies have shown that higher calorie consumption causes leptin levels to recover within 12-24 hours.

So the answer is: Strategic high calorie / high carbohydrate cheating.

a strategic cheat meal increases leptin levels, which helps with weight loss

Strategic cheating with high-calorie foods like pizza, cakes, cookies, chocolate, hamburgers, french fries etc. increases the leptin as well as the metabolism, which prepares your body to continue to burn fat despite a calorie deficit.

That means you’ll have more fat loss week after week and a much more realistic way to get to the body you want.

What about the carbohydrates?

Leptin, carbohydrates and insulin are very closely related.

Calories alone are also useless, as research shows that overeating of proteins and fats has almost no effect on leptin.

So in order to get a strong leptin reaction from overfeeding, a lot of carbohydrates have to come into play. 

The mutual dependency is so great that the leptin level does not decrease with a zero diet as long as the insulin and blood sugar are maintained intravenously.

Because of this carbohydrate / insulin-leptin relationship, it makes sense to eat things that are high in fat and carbohydrates (pizza, hamburgers, cookies, etc.). 

This combination works best against the negative effects brought about by dieting because of the immense insulin response.

So this goes against any claim that carbohydrates are our enemy. On the contrary, on certain days they can even be our friends.

How Much Salt Should You Consume Daily?

One of the most controversial topics in the health and fitness industry is salt / sodium consumption.

Most doctors say you should consume as little salt as possible, as if it were the trigger for all bad things such as high blood pressure, heart problems, kidney problems etc.

99% of the time, however, they tell people who are in poor physical shape and not tough exercising athletes and bodybuilders. 

So if your workout consists of walking from the couch to the fridge and running to the bathroom every now and then, you should follow your doctor’s advice …

But since you are very likely here because you are active in sports and sweat regularly, the rules regarding low salt consumption do not apply.

Hard training athletes who do not consume enough sodium have more problems than if they overeat. 

Too little sodium causes muscle cramps, dizziness or an electrolyte imbalance, which can cause neurological problems or even have fatal consequences.

Drinking a lot of water is known to be healthy, but if you drink too much and have too little sodium in your body, you can get water poisoning, which can cause epileptic seizures, impaired consciousness or a coma.

What is sodium

Sodium is a mineral and plays an important role in our body balance. It controls the amount of water in the body and the acid level. 

About 40% of our sodium is in the bones, 55% is in the blood plasma and the rest is in our organs and cells. It is necessary for proper nerve conduction, balanced blood pressure and the cell uptake of nutrients.

The body regulates the sodium balance itself, if you have consumed too much or too little sodium, for example, the kidneys and intestines balance it out. 

During the day, the intestines absorb sodium while the kidneys excrete approximately the same amount in the urine.

The level of sodium in the blood depends on the amount of sodium and water in the arteries and veins. 

The body regulates sodium and water differently, but uses both to correct blood pressure when it is too high or too low.

Should the body have too little sodium (also known as hyponatremia), the body can either increase the sodium level or reduce the amount of water in the body. 

The opposite is true when there is too much sodium in the body (hypernatremia). Here the sodium is reduced or the water supply increased.

Sodium intake for bodybuilders and athletes

For example, if you do hard weight training or endurance training and sweat a lot, you need to replenish the sodium or sodium stores that you lose in the process to ensure a healthy electrolyte balance.

Especially if you are trying to lose weight and eat fewer carbohydrates, you should increase your sodium intake. 

Carbohydrates force your body to hold back water and sodium. For every gram of carbohydrate you eat, your body will hold back 3 grams of water.

In a weight loss program, you should always salt your food or take flavor enhancers containing sodium such as soy sauce or maggie. 

It will make you feel stronger and it will help you keep your sodium levels in balance.

In reality, the many negative side effects of a “low carb diet” such as feeling weak and having no energy are no reactions to too few carbohydrates but rather because the body has too low a sodium level. 

Should you experience symptoms like this, just consume more salt and you will soon feel a lot better.

You can even go so far that you always have small packets of salt in your training bag (the same as you get at McDonalds or Burgerking). 

As soon as you get any signs of muscle cramps or dizziness while exercising, take a packet of water and after about 5 minutes the sodium should take effect and you should feel better again.


Athletes and bodybuilders should increase their salt or sodium intake rather than decrease it. 

You have to replace what you lose while sweating in order to keep the electrolyte balance in balance and to be able to train hard.

That doesn’t mean that you have to use the calculator to calculate your sodium needs, but don’t be afraid of salt. 

The best thing to do is to listen to your body and how you are feeling, your energy levels, etc. and if you feel dizzy, get muscle cramps, etc. the chances are that you are sodium deficient.

The Milestone For Muscle Growth

What is the milestone for muscle growth? How do you get an athletic and muscular body?
With progressive overload.

If you say: “I already know …”

Are you really doing this

The mirror may say otherwise. Do you still look the same as you did a month or even a year ago?
Do you agree that it is easy to feel good while exercising? 

It’s easy to do what’s cozy and familiar. It is tough to focus on and stay focused on the top priority. What should be your top priority?

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees anymore. You suffer from information overload: high or low repetitions, free weights or machines,

Heavy or light weights, split or full body training, compound or isolated exercises, fast or slow, endurance or not, low or high carbohydrates – you know what I mean. The world of weight lifting can be very confusing.

When you are flooded with ways to accelerate or slow your muscle growth, it makes sense to ask yourself the following question: “How do I achieve the greatest impact on inevitable gain?”

Or simply put: “What is the best tool for muscle growth? get, which women force you to look a second time and make other guys jealous? “

The history of progressive overload

I’ll tell you a story about Milo. The point is that Milo has a young calf and carries it on his shoulders once a day. 

The calf got bigger and bigger and Milo carried an increasingly heavy calf until one day he carried a full-grown bull around.

Now comes my version of the story, and I want you to replace Milo with yours.

Milo was a young man who wanted to become as strong as possible and “build” a body that he could be proud of. 

Milo didn’t read any bodybuilding magazines, nor was he interested in the oh-so-promising supplements. 

Milo was very clever and did not allow himself to be fooled by the misinformation of the so-called “experts”. Milo wanted to grow big and strong with the simplest means available.

Milo joined the local fitness center and finished with the 2.5kg. Start weights at the other end of the rack. 

For the next workout he used 5 kg. and the following week 7.5 kg. Milo refused to use the same weights twice and ended up at the opposite end of the rack. 

Milo got stronger the more she moved to the other side of the frame until he finally reached 50 kg. arrived. 

Milo is now THE guy in the fitness center, on the street and of course on the beach who is stared at by everyone and asked for advice. 

Milo is a great example of what happens when you expose your muscles to greater resistance than they are used to, they get stronger and bigger.

My version of progressive overload

Your muscles don’t feel like growing, they would rather be lazy or watch TV all day. The only one who wants to become big and strong is you, not your body. Our bodies were designed to survive and not be strong or look good.

If you go to training and subject your body to the same exertion as last week, your muscles will laugh at you and say: “Nice try, did you want to challenge us like that?”

If you put your body under new stress it will say: “Holy sh *** * e, what’s your problem? 

I never want to be exposed to such stress again, so I will wax to protect myself. ”
You can compare it to sunbathing. Your body gets darker to protect yourself from the sun.

How to apply this principle

– Use 2.5 kg. more than last week

– Use the same weight as last week but do one additional rep

– Use the same weight for the same number of repetitions, but rest 15-30 seconds shorter

– Take 2 more seconds to lower the weight

– Move the same weight as last week in a larger range of motion (larger movement)

– Use the same weight and number of repetitions but do one more set

The Pareto principle also applies here. 80% of your success comes with 20% of the tools available. Continue to expose your body to unusual stress or exertion and your muscles will have to adapt, in this case gain muscle mass.

Best Supplements to Build Muscle and Burn Fat August 2020

body building

Supplements to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

What is the title about?

Quite simply, yesterday I registered for the Swiss Natural Bodybuilding Championship at the end of October 2012. Now there are no more excuses not to go into training or to skip a meal.

What are the motivations?

The thought of participating in a fitness or bodybuilding competition has been floating around in the back of my mind for about a year , but I couldn’t commit myself until I attended the IFBB championship in Basel last October. Although the participants there are mostly doped, I was grabbed to measure myself against other athletes and to be judged by a jury.

Supplements to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

My main goal is not to win, although a top placement would of course be nice, but rather to get into the best shape of my life and when the day comes to be able to say that I have done everything in my power .

Fortunately, I was recently accepted into the athlete team from Körperraum , which has already won various Swiss and even world championships. Every athlete, no matter how advanced, needs a coach and a supporting team to bring him to and beyond his limits. In addition, an outsider can better identify errors or weak points in order to then optimize them.

With this opportunity I can certainly learn a lot and pass this on to you. There will certainly be some new videos this year from the body dream team and me ^^

What are the requirements to take part in a natural competition?

You have to be clean for sure, that is, all types of anabolic steroids are punished and lead to a 7 year competition ban for the first offense and a lifelong ban the second time.

Supplements to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Each participant must complete a polygraphic test (lie detector) before the competition and, in the case of a top 3 placement, then submit a urine test. So if someone should be able to overcome the polygraph they can still be caught by a urine test and that’s a good thing.

Supplements to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

The Swiss Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (SNBF for short) is primarily about fair, clean and aesthetic sport. The preparation for such a competition turns out to be a little more complicated than with conventional bodybuilding , since many aids, e.g. for drainage, are not allowed.

In my case, this means that I start the diet about 4 months in advance and do a dehydration test in between to see how my body reacts to it and how best to go about it.

The goal would be to start in the 2 highest category (up to 80kg), the current status is 87kg and 10% body fat. So it should be within the realm of possible, as you usually sacrifice a little muscle mass during the diet and only have about 3-4% body fat on stage.

And the bottom line of the whole story is: Taking part in a competition can change a lot in your training behavior. By registering you get a deadline in which you have to be in top shape and thus a little pressure which can have a very positive effect on the general motivation.

It doesn’t have to be a bodybuilding competition, it can be anything like a marathon or a triathlon … anything.

Supplements to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Dare yourself and do it!

Stop putting everything off and sign up right away. Even if it’s a dip in the deep end, it can’t hurt. You will get to know yourself and your body better, which can only be beneficial.

It is best to do it with a friend, so you can motivate and encourage each other … and who wants to be the one who gives up?

just do it

The Muscle Is The Answer

Have you ever wondered why you feel stronger, like adding weight or doing more repetitions without gaining muscle mass?

It has to do with the fact that your body is reacting neuromuscularly to the training – don’t worry, it is not as complicated as it sounds and an important term that you should become familiar with.

A neuromuscular response means that your nerves communicate more effectively with your muscle fibers, so more fibers come into play. However, this is only half of the formula.

With the second half of the formula, you’ll gain muscle mass, which of course takes longer, usually a few weeks. Your body must first synthesize (build) the proteins that are needed in muscle contraction (the active shortening of a muscle) and that takes more time. I will go into more detail on the subject of muscle mass in another post.

Understand that when you start “pumping” or come back from a break, that new activity is sent through your nerves into your spinal cord and brain. The nerves tell the muscle to be exercised and to contract (lift a weight) and the muscle will take the command like a good soldier.

It is important to understand that your brain must first tell your body what is going on before you can see new muscles grow. Unfortunately, this phase cannot be skipped, but the body must first make neuromuscular adjustments before the real muscle growth takes place.

I think this should help if you are a beginner or are making your comeback and are starting to get impatient because you are not seeing any results or new muscles.

This explains why you do, for example, 8 reps with a certain weight and a few days later 10 and a week later 12, but you still don’t see any change in the mirror. Now you know why.

Put simply, your body already has the muscle mass it needs for that particular weight. Logically, no new muscles are formed until your body needs more to move a weight.

If you are certain that you have passed the neuromuscular phase and you are struggling to gain muscle mass every week, then you are making really serious mistakes. Either your training program is not tailored to you or you are not eating properly or maybe it is also due to your lifestyle (little sleep, a lot of alcohol, etc.).

What Motivates You To Exercise?

Why do you struggle regularly to lift weights? Why would anyone bother going to a fitness center?

If you say something like “to improve my blood pressure”, “to relieve stress” or “to be a good role model” I won’t buy it from you. I call these logical motivators. It is also not wrong to have such motivators, on the contrary, they are of great use to us – but let’s get realistic. You don’t go to fitness several hours a week to improve your health.

You train based on emotional and irrational needs and fears.

You train to attract attractive people. Isn’t it usually the case that sexy people go out or date sexy people? Of course you need a body that looks good in clothes and even better without it.

I think every man knows that to a certain extent “bigger equals better” when it comes to an attractive body. It is not without reason that the media keep saying: “The better you look, the more attention you get from women”.

I firmly believe that if you know your personal irrational motivators, you can demonstrate long-term success. In this case, muscle gain.

It has been proven that the combination of well-proportioned muscle mass and minimal body fat percentage is a sign of fertility and shows that you have more testosterone than others (even if you don’t).

To look good naked shouldn’t be your motivation …

I am sure that if we did a survey we would look good naked and many dates have the most irrational and emotional desire why someone is training. There are of course other good reasons, but this would be the top answer.

What is an irrational and emotional motivator?

Here some examples:

  • Not to be noticed by women when you walk through a club, but to be groped
  • To be able to wear clothes of any style
  • Getting women to tell you: “Show my friends your six pack!”
  • Going out with someone different every night of the week
  • Not to be ashamed of having to go to a pool party
  • Arms that almost tear your sleeves and a chest that doesn’t let your top button close
  • Comments like: “Oh my god, look at him!”
  • Not to die early so you can still travel with your grandchildren
  • To intimidate others into avoiding them when you walk by
  • Making others jealous of what you’ve got
  • Never have someone contradict you out of fear

Logical motivators

  • Promote health
  • Less stress
  • Muscle building
  • Good role model
  • Balance to everyday life
  • Clothes fit better
  • More energy

Do you see the difference Clearly the irrational desires (compared to the fears) are conceited and superficial, I know. But who gets the better result? The person with the irrational or logical motivators? Clearly the ones with the irrational. The secret to getting a great body is figuring out the real why – whatever irrational fear or need is.

How to find out your irrational desires:

  1. Ask yourself, “Why do I want to exercise?”
    Possible answer: “To feel better.”
    Then ask your answer.
  2. Ask yourself, “Why do I want to feel better?”
    Possible answer: “To be more productive at work …”
    Then ask your answer.
  3. Ask yourself, “Why do I want to be more productive?”
    Possible answer: “So that I get promoted and earn more,”
    and so on
  4. “Why do I want to earn more money?”
    “So that I can give my child a good education.”

Have you noticed how the reason for exercising went from being a very logical fear to being an emotional one, and the more you want to ask yourself why ? The more honest you are with yourself, the faster you will get to your real reason for exercising.

Your why will be the difference between success or failure. This topic is rarely mentioned in the bodybuilding world and can lead to unstoppable motivation in uncovering the truth about yourself. There is no right or wrong answer here. You just have to be honest with yourself. Now it’s your turn.